Monday 10 December 2012

Secret Forgeworld miniature revealed

from:  JD's Blog
I'm sure like everyone else out there, you've seen many of the pictures from the Istvaan diorama that Forgeworld produced for Games Day this year.  There's a few more below for you just because they are so very pretty.

Its currently on display at Warhammer World in Nottingham, in the case next to the main building entrance so that everyone can check it out.  If you are there, take the time to look at it as it really is beautiful and a fantastic piece of work.

from: Wargaming Hub


While I was looking at it something caught my eye and I just had to chuckle.  I got some pics to show you all too.  The pics aren't the best as it was a pretty bright day, behind glass and the light is kept low in the show cabinet to preserve the colours of the minis.

This is the left end of the diorama, in amongst the traitor legions:

That's a heck of a lot of legion troopers, but wait, whats that?
Wait a minute, there's something funny in that doorway, some kind of commander model perhaps?

Definitely a different colour, could it be a model that hasn't been released yet?
You've got to be kidding, I'VE FOUND WALLY!!!

Red and white stripy shirt, check!  Blue trousers, check!  Beanie hat, check!  Yep, its definitely Wally.
Touch√© Forgeworld.  I'd say that's on a par with a rick-roll :D  I did drop Forgeworld a line to ask about him and it turns out I'm the first person to spot and inform them of spotting Wally.  Woot!

I've included a full resolution image from my camera below so you can zoom in yourself if you want to double-check.

Cheers - and happy spotting, Andy


  1. That's a brilliant spot mate! Stared at that diorama for ages at Games Day and never noticed. Have to have a close look at it next time I'm at WHW.

    1. To be fair, its really well hidden, it was more luck than anything else that meant I spotted it.

  2. Nice eye, man. Good humor by the Forgeworld dudes.

  3. Nice find, I call shenanigans on there not being a prize though! You deserve one for sure.

    1. Meh, what can you do. They are a GW company after all. In my email I just said there must have been a pretty good prize for the first guy to spot it, but because I hadn't seen anything about it before, I wanted to make sure it was ok to include on something like a blog. Turned out I was first (according to the email I received at least). Never really expected anything for myself, but you'd think including something like that they'd have a plan for when someone finally spotted it.

    2. GW Prize: Dear Andy, Congratulations on being the first to find Waldo on the battlefield. Please enjoy our Spring 2013 price increase compliments of Games Workshop :D

    3. That sounds about right, although if they keep going the way they are, FW stuff will end up cheaper than GW. It already is for those in Australia!

    4. LOL! Jeff F, you just made my day.



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