Monday, 24 December 2012

Blog Wars 4: the painting project

Of course my trip to Blog Wars required me to complete the painting of a lot of my Necrons that were almost but not quite finished.  This is what I managed to get painted:

Necron Overlord / Trazyn the Infinite
2 painting points

Harbinger of Despair with Veil Cryptek and 3 Harbinger of Destruction Crypteks
8 painting points

10 Scarab bases (I could only be bothered to photograph 2 of them, they are all the same)
20 painting points

I also managed to finish of the 12 immortals that were part painted and languishing
12 painting points

That's a total of 42 painting points and pretty much the end of my painting tally for this year, if you include the 5 marines painted for One Force (that I'll be posting very early in the new year) then I've managed to amass 101 painting points.

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