Thursday 30 June 2011

Back From Holidays

I've returned and its taken me 3 days just to read through the postings from all those of you at BlogWars and from the other blogs I follow closely (over 200 posts in total).  I haven't even started to look through those posts from the other blogs that I occasionally dip into (~800 more posts).  You people are pretty prolific, but you don't notice it till you're away for a while.

Thursday 23 June 2011

BlogWars Game 3

Third and Final round of BlogWars and after my defeat in game 2, I'm on table 7 and facing Ian (Ginge from Need More Tanks) with his winter themed Speedfreak Orks.

The final mission was the setup that was left over, so we were playing Seize Ground (with everyone having 5 objectives) and Pitched Battle setup.  We had 3 objectives spread around the centre of the battle field, one that was in the centre of my board edge (the lovely santa-claus in the pic to the left), and one that was to the upper-right of the board (my point of view) in front of a large tower.

Monday 20 June 2011

Standing Necrons

We interrupt this BlogWars coverage to bring you this breaking news.  Game 3 should be up on Wednesday.  (p.s.:  I'm still away).

Not really, but since BlogWars I've been working on my Necrons (second Battleforce) and wanting to mix things up have decided to make some of my Necrons more upright than usual.  I just thought I'd post up a few images of the conversion process in case anyone was interested in how it had been done.

Thursday 16 June 2011

BlogWars Game 2

So with my win in the first round, VPs meant that I was on table 4 for round 2 of BlogWars and it turned out I was facing up with a now much more familiar opponent, Andy (Atreides from Sons of Sanguinius) who I met the day before at Warhammer World.  We managed a game that day which you can see here.

The random selection meant that round 2 was Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment, and I just knew that Andy would be out for revenge after the previous day ;).  You can find my list here, and Andy's list was in his own words a Straken Hybrid.

Thursday 9 June 2011

BlogWars Army Showcase

As you might expect, for a tournament of bloggers, BlogWars had some gorgeously painted armies, in fact I can only think of one that was the 3 colours minimum (and then only just about that, hey Ven ;).  Dalinair and FromTheFang have both posted their pictures, and I know Atreides had his SLR so will have great pics, but I thought I'd post up my pics for anyone who'd like to see them.

You can see a poor mosaic of my force up there on the left, and as I put up the other armies I have pics of (and sorry if I missed your army) I'll do my best to give a link to the appropriate blog.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

BlogWars Game 1

So, BlogWars game 1, and I'm on table 1!  OK, the table draw was random, but still, table 1.

The mission and deployment selection was random, and round 1 saw us playing Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment.  My opponent was Rich (Mighty Simo - Cupboard of Nurgle) who had a Kharn the Betrayer Khorn Bezerker list.  

Tuesday 7 June 2011

BlogWars T-minus-1

My weekend was a bit of a hobby pilgrimage, as I mentioned here, not only did I go to my first tournament and visit Maelstrom games for the first time, I also had my first visit to Warhammer World in Nottingham.

What can I say about the place, its amazing!  I really, really wish that I could live close to this place and it could be my regular gaming locale, but on the other hand, it'll remain somewhere to go for special gaming events and meet-ups.

Monday 6 June 2011

BlogWars = awesome

I'm only just starting to catch myself up with what has been an absolutely brilliant weekend.  My first trip to Warhammer World, first visit to Maelstrom, first tournament, first tournament win and loss, first time on table 1 (ok, it was a chance drawing for round 1, but I'll  claim it counts ;), and best of all the first time I've met a whole load of bloggers I've followed for a number of years.  Hello everyone.

I want to say congratulations, and thanks, to Alex and all the lads from From the Fang for putting on a great and very fun tournament, and hello to everyone I met over the weekend.  Also, thanks to my opponents in all three games; Rich (Mighty Simo - Cupboard of Nurgle)Andy (Atreides - Sons of Sanguinius) and Ian (Ginge - Need More Tanks). You were all really great blokes, fun to play, the absolute best types of opponents and I'd happily game against you any time in the future.

I'll have a more detailed round-up of the weekend later.  Cheers - Andy

Friday 3 June 2011

Blog Wars bound

The paint is drying, everything is based. Full army ready for Blog Wars. I'll be in Warhammer World tomorrow from about 12, then will head to Maelstrom in the evening. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

I'll give tweeting a go through the weekend in case anyone is interested, and so I'll remember what actually happens. @iron_legion.

Laters, Andy


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