Friday 27 May 2011

Final Blogwars List

Right, the list is finalised, its been submitted, and I'm just about to book a hotel for the Saturday and a car to get me to BlogWars.  If anyone needs a lift from anywhere between the Oxford area and Mansfield let me know, I'll be happy to pick you up on the way.

I'll be heading up on the Saturday in the morning, planning on spending that day in Warhammer World as I've never been and am very interested to see the place.  Looks like Atreides and some mates are going to be there that day too so should be able to get in some warm-up games.  Anyway, onto the list:

Sunday 22 May 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Quick post, I'm not really here, but today is my 30th Birthday and I should be nursing a pretty good hangover all things being well :D

I have no idea what I'm getting from others, but as GW has decided to hold off raising prices till after my birthday, I've treat myself to a whole pile of shiny new plastic and soon to no longer exist metal.  Pics should appear on twitter where you can see the links on the right.

So Happy Birthday me!

Friday 20 May 2011

Revised BlogWars List

So I've played a few games with my Njal Stormcaller Blogwars list, and to put it frankly, I just don't like it.  I had a victory against an all foot guard list, and lost to a Dark Eldar list and a couple of others.  I just couldn't get used to running Njal in a way that would protect him long enough to make the most of his powers, I missed having two priests so being able to cast the same power twice and the area of board that I could cover.  I guess I'm just a little too keen to get my Wolves into the thick of things.  In the past, I've really enjoyed running Ragnar with a group of Terminators, sometimes out of a Land Raider, when I've needed to bump my usual lists up to higher points for opponents, so I think I'm going to fall back on that kind of Special Character use - I just find it more fun.  However, if you've seen my Twitters, you'll notice that I haven't been working on Ragnar...

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Citadel Finecast

From Faeit 212, credit within
Assuming you've seen yesterdays Games Workshop blogpost you'll know that they are replacing a large part (if not all) of their metal models with resin or part-resin figures.

Well the first images are starting to emerge and the poster to the left shows you the first range of miniatures.  No real surprises, its exactly the same sculpts as before, just in a different material.  So, GW is producing the same sculpts, in a cheaper material, that is lighter so reducing shipping costs, and a probably simpler production method as they aren't having to deal with hot metal.
Will we see any of these savings, nope!  In fact we're looking at a ~25% price increase on most figures - WOW!

We're also due a price-hike at the end of May, so I'm now looking to make a pretty big order of all the things I've been wanting before all this hits, and while there are still some metal figures available at the old prices.  I'll be using my new favourite store:  Dark Sphere Games, the cheapest site out there!

Also, check out Wolves for the Wolfgod who is having a give-away in honour of his 100th post, and follow me on twitter if you care about mini-updates. Cheers, Andy

Monday 16 May 2011

Wulfen Scouts

Thought I'd lost this post with the Blogger outage, but thankfully its come back at last.  This was supposed to go out at the end of last week, but best laid plans and all that.  Anyway, onto the post:

Wulfen, such awesome models and I was gutted that I'd missed them in my decade hiatus when I first saw them.  I've kept a weather eye on ebay ever since in case some came up for a bargain and a few months ago my prayers were answered and I got these guys for a not too crazy price.  They sat in Dettol for an age while I tried to figure out what to do with them (I've already got Mark of the Wulfen models for all my squads), and it wasn't till only a little while ago that I realised that 5 is exactly the minimum number of scouts in a pack, and that these would work perfectly.

Saturday 7 May 2011

mini-GW, mini-blog, its a mini-update

Image from Galaxy in Flames
Just a quick update to keep the place going, I've got a much longer painting article almost complete as well.

First up, I wanted to make a shout out for this post by Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames for having been part of such a piece of genius creation.  Its just such a shame that not everyone saw the funny side of it.  Go read and have a look, it really is very cool.

Secondly, I'm now on Twitter, username iron_legion.  Not that much interesting on there so far, but I'll be using it as a mini-blog with WIPs etc. for when I haven't got enough for full blog posts.  You'll be able to see what I'm posted on the right too as a mini-feed (seems like everything's mini today).


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