Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blog Wars 4: Game 2 report

Game 2:  vs.  Keith Duncan (no blog apparently)
Mission:  Relic with short edge deployment

Keith had a bit of a monster in his list, an 1100 point Lord (Trazyn the Infinite) and "Royal Court of Doom!" with a Cryptek with each of the available staffs, and 4 or 5 Lords (I can't quite remember) all with Warscythes, 2+/3++ saves, Mindshackle Scarabs and some Res Orbs.  The rest of the force was almost incidental compared to that with a couple of Warrior squads, a unit of Tesla Immortals, some Wraiths and an Ann Barge.

Having thought a little about my game 1, I tried to fix most of the issues I'd had in that last game with some better results in this game.  We both set up pretty aggressively towards the Relic spread across the whole width of the board so as much stuff could be forward as possible.

Keith got first turn and trying to safeguard the Relic used his Veil Cryptek to teleport the Court between the Relic and my force.  He got a pretty unlucky scatter roll, about 10" and straight into a building causing a mishap.  A little part of me hoped the unit would be destroyed as it would make the game a lot easier.  I still was hoping to put in a decent performance despite my first loss, but I really didn't want that to happen as it would be very unfair and make the game completely one sided.  Thankfully for Keith, and for me, the unit was only delayed.  Other than that, Keith moved most of his force forwards and fired off a few shots.
I managed to grab the Relic in my first turn with Dante & Co.  I also put my Termies up front facing Keith's Wriaths to shield most of my force in the hopes of getting the Relic away and safe.  My Immortals teleport into the back of Keith's field, to force him to either split his forces to deal with them, or to provide hindrance should he try to get away with the Relic, or lastly to harass his units.

"Royal Court of Doom!" and their lunch.

Second and subsequent turns, Keith's Court teleports into my midst.  As I slowly place unit after unit in front of them to act as speed bumps, the rest of my army hoses them with as much Gauss and Tesla as I can muster slowly wearing them down.  My Termies kill off most of the rest of his army along with the Immortals over a few turns.
I held my Termies back from assaulting the unit as long as I could manage so that when they finally attacked, the unit was already heavily reduced, this meant that they actually managed to win the combat and broke the unit.  The Immortals then Veiled in and shot the fleeing unit to death.

Keith was yet another fantastic opponent.  I'm really glad that his Court didn't wipe itself out with that Deep Strike as it meant that the game was fantastically close, a couple of rolls either way and the Relic could have ended up in Keith's hands.   Sorry there's only the one picture, as the day wound on I got progressively worse at taking pics of the battle, there aren't any of the 3rd one, D'oh!

Stay tuned for the third and final battle report, coming soon.
Cheers, Andy


  1. Great report as always..You secretly hoped they all fell down a giant chasm of nothingness on that mishap didn't you!?? I know I would have..

    But that said, I think in the spirit of the event, it is far better to play a tight, well fought game, rather than win on the whim of the dice gods

    1. It was definitely a much more fun game with them staying in the fray. To be honest, if it'd gone the other way, I'd have probably tried to get a rematch like your last game to see how it would have gone with them still in the game.



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