Thursday 31 January 2013

A StormRaven that doesn't look too bad

At least that's what I think...
We've all seen the jip that the StormRaven gets on the internets, along with most of GWs new marine kits and for a lot of them I'd probably have to agree.  Most of what I've seen recently has the potential to be really great, but somehow GW has managed to mess things up (that chin gun on the StormTalon for instance).  Well despite all this, I've loved the StormRaven for a while and this Christmas found one brand new for £41 in HobbyCraft so just couldn't pass it by (I justify it as a Christmas Present to myself).  Once I had it in my clutches, I sat down with the sprues and spent a while trying to figure out how I would alter it to make it look at least like it might be able to fly.

I don't like these bits (image from GW, used without permission)

Thursday 24 January 2013

There's warpstone in them thar hills

Played another game of Warhammer the other day. My Skaven against Charlie's Empire, around about 1000pts and a very narrative style of gaming as its the style of gaming that Charlie and I prefer to play.  As we went for such a narrative game, I thought it would be unfair to not at least write it up as a bit of a story.  So below, is my pitiful attempt.  It is a little longer than it would be otherwise, but hopefully it won't be too painful to read, and might even be enjoyable, its certainly been a stretch to write it, who'd have thought writing fiction was so difficult ;)  I'll also point out that the point of
"Finished, finished, finished now it is. Yes, yes, very finished, see, lots of rats for power, lots of new mechs to make it go." 
"You say its finished, Rat-k, but you said the same last time and I lost a whole clan to this whirling contraption, and what did it do for me, nothing.  Yet you go by the name No-risk, I hardly think that's right now is it?" 
Skrakit wrinkled his snout at the stench that filled the cavern, the usual ozone tang of any skyre contraption, with the added mix of singed hair from Rat-k's engineering assistants that were too careless when installing the warpstone needed to power the newly repaired Doomwheel.  In fact, the whole assembly was physically shivering as little runnels of green warp-lightning ran along any metallic surface, regularly earthing themselves against the walls and floor of the cavern.   Skrakit leaned in to inspect the pilots seat and one of the emitters on the machine. 
"Not so close my Lord, no, not so close.  Very delicate mechs, not want Lord hurting himself, no no, not hurting self..." 
Rat-k scampered across the workshop, trying to pull his lord away, still fawning all the time;  Skrakit swatted him away, using the momentum of the blow to lean his body a little to the side.  The little trickle of green glow that had been working along the emitter mechanism reached the warpstone crystal at its tip and grounded itself into the wall behind Skrakit.  The accompanying shrill squeel and the pungent odor of singed fur and roasted meat told Skrakit the assassin that had been creeping up from amongst Rat-k's assistants had taken the full force of the discharge, just as he'd intended.   Turning, Skrakit prodded the smoking body with his toe, already lost in thought.  With one last venomous glance at the Warlock Engineer, he stalked from the cavern muttering something about them not even trying anymore.

After the few survivors from the hamlet of Bernwood stumbled out of the woods of the foothills, a small force of Hochlanders under the command of Oskar Brandt (also) accompanied by a Sorceress march through the foothills to retake the hamlet and the tower that it serves.  (PS:  before anyone asks, no, we weren't playing in a sauna).

Thursday 17 January 2013

One Force Mk IV almost complete

These guys have managed to slip through the net of blogging, they're almost complete and with the brief exception of a guest appearance, they haven't starred on the blog.  This is a big shame as the kit is gorgeous and has been a real pleasure to work with and build.  When I started One Force, I would have probably placed the Mk IV armour at the bottom of my list of favourite alternate marques, but after staring at them for a while, I'm totally converted.

As ever you can see them posed both with their regular backpacks and with the MaxMini jump-packs.

Friday 4 January 2013

My 2013 Resolution - what I hope to do

Well, here it is, my plans for 2013 which if history is anything to go by, is as good as saying these are definitely the things that I won't manage to do...

  • Maintain 1 post minimum per week
This worked fantastically for me in 2012 to keep me hobbying and keep the turnover on this blog.  If I hadn't had this resolution, I think I would have let the blog languish at times, but as it was the most achievable of my goals, I kept at it.
  • Attend more tournaments/gaming weekends
Blog Wars was brilliant yet again, and I'd really like to make it to 5 & 6 this year.  I've already signed up to the March 40K Throne of Skulls so I'll get in more than last year (and any other previous year), and may also be attending Nerd Thunder 4 with the guys from the Beard Bunker so this year looks to be a more gaming year.  I'd also love to try out one of the Tempus Fugitives events so I'll try and get to one of those too this year.
  • Sell my spare stuff
I made a half hearted effort with this earlier this year but did nothing since, I'm definitely going to get rid of more of my random stuff that is cluttering my flat.  I have a large plastic spares/bits box that I would like to be the only place I have spares/bits by the end of this year, it'll either be in that, or painted and playable!
  • Complete my Skaven (at least all the models I own, and anything I buy)
I have some idea's for a Vampire Counts army that I'd like to try out, but I won't be doing that till I've completed the Skaven I already have.  That means about 50 Clanrats, and a load of character like models that need to be painted.
  • Beat last years painting points score
Pretty self explanatory, this year ended up better that I thought it would, but I'd love to get in more time painting in future.
  • Bring One Force to a playable 1750 points force minimum
I'm loving these guys, and because I'm magnetising them, hopefully by this point they'll not only be 1750 points of Blood Angels for instance, but also 1750 of regular Marines, Space Wolves and maybe even whatever is the new flavour of the month.


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