Friday 24 September 2010

Outflanking wolf list of DOOM!!!

Used without permission, will remove if requested

So last night after games night, a few of us had a jar or two and chewed the fat over random GW related stuff.  One of the things that came up was a possible loop-hole kind of thing in the Space Wolves codex (I know, shock, horror).  In the description of Saga of the Hunter it says "Infantry only" and where it can be selected in the Army List section there is a little * and at the bottom of the page it says it can only be taken by those in power armour that aren't either on a bike or using a jump pack.  In the Wargear section it does say that those who take a Thunderwolf mount count as cavalry, so in reality the following list won't work.  However there are those that would say that since in the Army List section it specifically singles out bikes and jump pack but not thunderwolves that its allowed - really lame reasoning, not one I'd use, but this is all a bit of fun and got us thinking about what kind of army you could build based on this.  So, considering the models I already have at my disposal we're going to see if we can try this out sometime in the future.  The list I'll take is:

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Psychic shooting question

A quick question for all of you out there, when using a psychic shooting attack, do you roll to hit?
I can't see anywhere in the rule book that says you should, but also nowhere does it say that you shouldn't.  The rules say to use the same restrictions as shooting a weapon (l.o.s. etc) so for shooting psychic attacks you would expect to have to roll-to-hit.  Problem is this could make some psychic powers for races that have low BS to be pretty useless which seems a little unfair.

At the local, we've not been rolling to hit, treating a passed Ld test as auto-hitting, but thinking about it I'd say you should have to roll to hit despite how much it could affect certain powers.
How do you all play it?

Monday 20 September 2010

Even more games - Game 3 vs Deathwing

The third of my more recent games was against a Deathwing army - painted up in a very nice looking black colour-scheme similar to Black Templars.  The army consisted of 5 x 5-man terminator squads, with a heavy weapon each and the odd power-weapon.  Bellial was included in one squad as the command squad with a banner, and there was also a lascannon dreadnought.

Image used without permission

Monday 13 September 2010

Dark Eldar: confirmed for November

For those of you that don't get the GW daily update, this was included today:

Its the back cover of the upcoming October WD which means that Dark Eldar are coming November.  Interestingly the blurb only mentions new models, no mention of new rules, but DE being the oldest Codex it would be surprising if there wasn't a new Codex on the way as well ( link ).

Wonder just how scary these new guys are going to be?

Space Hulk is Pacman

Used without permission - no claim made, will remove if requested

Enough said :D


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