Thursday 20 December 2012

Blog Wars 4: Game 3 report

Game 3:  vs.  John Holland (MC Tic Tac from Blood Claw)
Mission:  Kill points with Dawn of War ("normal") deployment.

John was rocking Death Wing (5 squads with assorted load-outs), Belial, a blob of guard allies with a commissar and a Bastion.  A lot of 2+ armour that I didn't really have anything to deal with other than weight of fire, I was going to be in trouble.  I was also starting to tire by this stage (I'd done the classic and been up till the wee small hours the night before finishing my army) so I may not have been on the top of my game - sorry to John if I came across badly at all.  I also completely forgot photos for this game so I'm afraid this'll be all text.

Having completely forgot why I did better in my second game, I split my force again in this game, trying to draw off some of John's army with a few sacrificial units.  This didn't work.

John had his guard in the Bastion with Belial, and the Terminators spread relatively evenly across the board.  He came towards me as quickly as he could.  I concentrated on a unit at a time as best I could with a split force but was never quite able to finish off more than a unit or two.  I lost my Ghost Ark in the first turn, a lucky penetrating hit took away the Quantum Shielding with the very first shot, and after that it was only a matter of time till it was gone.

Meanwhile, John's company commander was having a whale of a time in the Bastion with the Heavy Bolters, I think he managed to pick out a crack shot almost every turn and took away most of my Crypteks and at least one squad sergeant.

The game ended with John winning 8 VPs to 3.  John cleverly managed to get a single Terminator from 3 different squads away and hiding towards the end of the game, saving himself a few VPs in the process.  5th edition VPs finished with only a little over 100 points difference, and with over 400 wrapped up in the 3 terminators, John played it just right.

It was yet another great game in a fantastic tournament and John was a great opponent.  I'm already looking forward to Blog Wars 5, and as an added little bonus, I lucked out in the raffle and was able to collect the new Chaos Codex and psychic power cards (I was planning on picking them up the next day at Warhammer World, so a lovely little bonus).

I just want to finish this by saying a very big thank you to Alex From the Fang for organising Blog Wars, I cannot wait for the next one, and a big congratulations to Andy for taking his 4th win in a row. Maybe next time if I get a game I can give him a bit more of a run for his money.

Cheers - Andy.


  1. Nice report mate.. always tough versus massed termies without the low AP to force at least a 3+ save.. Volume of concentrated fire is what's needed and I have found DW get such a great boost from Allies - predominantly IG does get hard to put them all down.
    I always find their offensive output at range lack lustre though.. how was it in this game, bar the flukey Pen on the Ghost Ark?

    Oh, and seasons greetings, merry christmas and a happy new year all in one bud!

  2. Yeah, I was dumb to spread my force around, meant I could never bring quite enough shots to finish off any of the squads. As you say, their shooting wasn't the greatest, pretty much all of their kills came when they managed to make it into contact (I did throw a few things their way stupidly too).

    I'd love to try playing a similar force again and see what the outcome would be if I played it differently. Wont' get that chance though as the new book is soon to be released.

    A very merry christmas and happy new year to you too.



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