Tuesday 22 March 2011

Fenrisian Wolves

Just a very short post to show off the Fenrisian Wolves I've made up based on the Chaos Warhound models.  Nothing too drastic here, a basic warhound without the horns, and some green-stuff to fill in the gaps, extend the fur onto the hind-quarters and make a tail for them.  Painting was a basic drybrush over the black basecoat to get them onto the table.

I've got a unit of 10 of them, sometimes I run them just as is or with one of the Cyberwolves I've made up to go with my Iron Priest to act as a screen or shock assault unit (3 Space Marine type attacks each on the charge, at I5 if you have Saga of the Wolfkin on one of your Lords can do some pretty serious damage), other times I split them up and assign them as ablative wounds to characters and Lone Wolves as needed.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Iron Priest and Mount

A while back I posted about a mechanical Thunderwolf mount I was converting from the old, metal juggernaught model I started.  This all began way before the plastic models were announced, but with the pace of my work its only just now that I can bring you a semi-completed model.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Space Wolves Terminators

From GW, used without permission
Until recently, my local club almost always played 1500pt games, and as such I had a 1500pt list.  In fact, I've got a list here which goes all the way from 500pts to 1500pts incrementally which is pretty much all I ever use.  However the last couple of weeks, both of my opponents have wanted to play 2000pt games, and so I've had to try and find another 500 pts.  Rummaging around in my army case the best/most effective way I could think to add those points in was with some terminators and a special character, ideally Ragnar.  Another option is to put the terminators in a Land Raider but as I didn't have one with me that wasn't possible.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Skaven, Skaven, Skaven

The chittering, the infernal chittering, it gnaws at me.....

This'll be quite the departure for me, I'm having a go at Fantasy.  I've been interested in giving it a go for a while now, and with the release of the 8th edition book I thought it was timely for me to have a go.  I've never felt the same draw to fantasy as I have to 40K, the background just doesn't seem to have the same draw, and there are few armies that I can feel a connection to.  Funnily enough, the skaven are one, something about them just appeals to me, for one they are the only fantasy army for which I have an army book, so, with the inclusion of skaven in the new starter box, it all seemed to be falling into place.

Saturday 5 March 2011

Necron scheme finalised - almost...

Hey all

So I've finally started to get the Necrons built and painted, I'm pretty much settled on a scheme and I've figured out a way to replace those silly green rods supplied by GW, so here's the finished result on a warrior:


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