Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thunderwolves - ho!

Greetings from Vietnam (not really, I'm honeymooning there and this is scheduled to keep the blog ticking over).  Here's the Thunderwolves that I eluded to last week when I showed jcroxford's fantastic Space Wolf army I discovered while searching for these very models.

These are Heroclix Fenris Wolves, they are pretty difficult to get hold of but I was able to find a few on line and get them posted over here to the UK.  They are a brilliant size for Thunderwolves and once I get them mounted onto suitable 60mm bases are going to look fantastic on the tabletop.  I also intend to customise them somewhat so that they have more than one pose as at the moment they look a little too parade-ground when they are all lined up.  The most brilliant thing about these is that a Marauder Horsemans legs fit perfectly over the backs of the wolves, they hold in place very securely but are also easily removable for transport.  I'd bought the horsemen for the arm, weapon and head components you can see in these models, and had already mounted the bodies onto the legs as I was going to proxy the horses till I could find a suitable model - amazing how things work out nicely in the end :D

Below are a few details of the individual models.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Brilliant Space Wolf Army

I wanted to bring everyones attention to this army.  jcroxford had produced one of the nicest looking Space Wolf army I've yet to see, be it in magazine or on the blogosphere.  I hope one day I might be able to get my army to half his level of finish.

I'm going to be gone for a couple of weeks but have two scheduled posts so there will continue to be activity here now that I've got the thing up and running.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

60mm bases?

Well well well.  GW have just announced that the textured 60mm dreadnought base is now available to order separately.  Priced at £2.50 it may be a bit pricy, but would look good for a Wolf Lord or similar on a Thunderwolf ;)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Converting a Thunderwolf mount

This project, I hope will eventually become the thunderwolf mount for my Wolf Lord, or if not, then for an Iron Priest. I'm building it from a Chaos Juggernaut and so far the filing and positioning has taken me a couple of hours of work, only one of the legs is as on the original model. Theres still a lot of work to do, next stage is going to be re-constructing sections using green-stuff in the areas where it has been repositioned.

You can see that I've reduced the shoulders on the front legs, and have worked some re-positioning so that the body is not as upright at the front, gives it a lower, flatter back and a more forward lunging pose.  Below you can see the approximate final pose (held together with blue-tack).  Once I've finished the green-stuffing on this one I'll pose a rider to place on the back.

I'll keep some progress on this, keep an eye out for the lable thunderwolf, I'll also be posting up images of my new thunderwolves soon as I now have a full squad of 5.


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