Monday, 6 July 2009

Wound allocation?

With wound allocation, especially in hand to hand, I got into a discussion with a guy at the local the other day. From reading the book, I was of the opinion that you allocate wounds at the end of each Initiative based round of hand to hand, for example, work out wounds and take saves after all guys with I=5 have fought. Is this correct?
Also, he was of the opinion that you could allocate wounds from specialist weapons such as power weapons separate to the wounds from regular cc weapons, so in the example, I'd caused 4 wounds to two opponenets, one of which was a power weapon wound. He wanted to allocate the power weapon wound to one model (essentially killing it outright), then allocate one wound to the same guy, one wound to the other guy, and then a third wound on the guy with the power weapon wound because he thought that you could then place the cc weapon wounds alternately. This would have been 3 wounds to 1 for his two guys. I was pretty sure that in those circumstances you had to do it evenly so there would be 2 wounds on each. I let him have it for arguments sake, but wanted to find out what people think the rules are. I looked it up in the book after the game and on my reading, I'm still sure that my opinion was right, but I'd also be happy to be told differently if someone could help me understand how I've got the wrong impression.
Please help me with this one. Cheers

Friday, 3 July 2009

Drop pods

Here's the pic of where I ended up my painting night.

I got the rest of the second one glued last night before playing two games. The first I lost badly thanks to completely failing to remember that you can't assault out of a drop pod. Needless to say, against Tau I was completely destroyed with only the drop pods and my ven dread left by the end of turn 5 when the game ended. There was also some comedy rolling on both sides, with me managing to pass 3 5+ invulnerables but fail the one 2+ save I had to take in one round, and my opponent managing to roll 5 out of 6 1's when rolling to hit with BS=5! It was a fun game though, with a great opponent who I'll be hoping to play again in the future. The second game was a two round, 750pt game before time ran out (again against Tau) which ended in a draw on 2 KP each.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Painting night... pt4

and final

Its 12:30, I've been up since 4:30am and I'm thoroughly tired.

For my efforts I have one drop pod completely assembled and just requiring some shadow grey to finish basic painting. The second has the base assembled and needs the fins and top attaching as well as the same level of painting required. I've even painted the displays in the central console as they are pretty much unreachable once assembled.

I'll post a pic in the morning as I'm just too tired now, happy but very tired

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Painting night... pt3

Well thats the last of the cutting, I finally finished trimming and cleaning the last of the parts of the second drop pod. Its 9pm and time for some food before spraying the second pod and getting on with dry brushing the first.

Painting night... pt2

Well its 7:50, I've got one whole Drop Pod undercoated, the central sections of the second assembled and am moving onto the doors and fins for the second. I've even dry-brushed some silver onto the harness section of the first.

Music listened to: 
A.F.I. - December underground
Green Day - Dookie

Painting night... pt1

Its 6:15pm and I've just done a first spray of black undercoat on my first drop pod parts. Its not entirely assembled, I'll show some pics through the night but I'm hoping to assemble and paint (at least a bit) 2 pods tonight.
I'll post as I go and try and put down some WIP pics.

1000pt list

Its going to be 1000pts tomorrow, here's my list based on what I have available:
  • Wolf Lord, 2 x Lightning claws and Belt of Russ (4+ inv)   120pts
  • 11 Blood Claws, power fist, power weapon, plasma pistol and flamer, the rest of the slots bolt pistols and close combat weapons   188pts
  • Drop Pod   35pts
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Terminator armour, power weapon, storm bolter and wolf pelt (3+ hit in CC)   81pts
  • 4 Wolf Guard Bodyguards, Terminator armour, power fists, storm bolters and wolf pelts   104pts
  • Drop Pod   35pts
  • Venerable Dreadnought with multi-melta   165pts
  • 6 Grey Hunters with bolters, power fist, power weapon and meltagun   142pts
  • 6 Grey Hunters with bolters, power fist, power weapon and flamer   138pts
  • Total   1008pts

I think my idea will be to drop the termies in on the first turn using the drop pod assault rule as they will be able to take some pounding during the game. I'll set up the GH in cover along with the dread and work them onto objectives or move them forward through cover if it is kill points. The lord and BCs will drop in later to wreak havoc amongst the Tau lines and they'll then hopefully last long enough to contest/claim and objective in the enemies territory later in the game.

If anyone has some tips or comments I'd love to hear them

At last

... something that might, at least to me, be worth saying.

So after getting back from my big trip (and planning the next for mid July), I boshed through the jet lag and now am resembling a human being again. Last week I trotted into the FLGS on gamer night that was ending early so I didn't get in a game, but lined up one with another lad getting back into the hobby. He plays Tau and the thought of trying to march my whole army across the board into his guns didn't fill me with much confindence so I decided to put together my drop pods.

What have I learned? Well, GW's instructions are rubbish. The order they show putting it together is very counter-intuitive, especially the restraint harnesses which they show you should put in after glueing in the central column. To my horror, I found that to do this you have to cut them up a bit, and then force them in really hard - much better to glue the harnesses to the central collar before glueing it all down to the base. Also, the instructions, including the "completed" picture do not include the second set of harnesses on each of the 5 fixing points, it is down to you to realise that these need attaching.

I've got one pre-assembled, and the other just needs the doors and main fins cleaning then I'm going to be spraying them black, quick dry brush with the silver and pick out a couple of details before final glueing and they'll be ready for Thursday night. WIP and my army list to follow soon.

Back in action, Hoo Raa!


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