Thursday 10 September 2009


The first in a series of posts updating what I've managed in terms of painting over the last couple of months. My time to paint has been drastically reduced, right now I get about one evening a week when I can paint solidly, outside that I can get in the odd 30mins in a morning before work but even that is a push. As such, progress has slowed, but my batch techniques have improved so its a bit better. Below are some pics of my wolves dreadnought STAMPY (in his last battle he lost both his arms in 2 turns, but then proceeded to stomp on guard for 8 rounds of combat killing 1 or 2 a turn).

Wednesday 9 September 2009


Got to flick through the codex over lunch - I'm liking it. There are some really powerful units and characters in there, but they are well and truly balanced by cost. 

Logan for instance gives himself and the unit he is with a choice of USR's EACH TURN! He costs 275pts though.

There is a non-HQ independent character that is the Lone Wolf, the last remnant of his pack who roves around on the battlefield looking for a glorious death so that he can join his pack. He starts out pretty cheap, but has almost unlimited pack upgrades so can get expensive very quickly, and I think is going to be a really fun distraction unit.

Wolf scouts get a new version of OBEL. You cho0se the turn you want to bring them in, and roll a D6, 1 is the left short edge, 2 is the right and 3-6 you can choose any edge you want.

The wolf riding pack are good but expensive: 1-5, 50pts each. WS+BS=4, S+T=5, A=4 and rending in CC.

Arjac is very cool as well with his thrown thunder hammer and storm shield attack on the charge.

Long Fangs are back, you can put together a 5 man unit with heavy bolters for under 100pts and still have the split fire!

Before everyone starts to chant broken at them, I worked out with one of the IG players that was in there that they are likely to be outnumbered 3+ to 1 in most battles plus the IG tanks so they are really going to suffer against armies that put out a lot of high volume fire power.

I also got to fondle the new wolf pack sprue and not only is it packed with stuff, but the levels of details are really high, every piece has some adornment to it, lots of wolf skulls, teeth etc. You are going to be able to make some very very pretty models out of it, or alternatively it'll go a long way to giving a wolfy theme to a lot of squads of regular marines. Its a very good way of doing it in my opinion.

There was the termie box but it wasn't opened. I did see that the top right termie on the front cover has a BA Baracus head - funny.

Monday 7 September 2009


So there's loads of rumours around about the space wolves, but I've just seen that the new sprues are todays feature on the GW blog!

YEAH! There's a lot of details on those sprues - you could probably put together just about 10 really really individualised wolves from a couple of those sprues, or you could go and buy a tac squad or other and make up a couple of units. I think the idea is going to be that you buy up one or two of these box's and then buy the packs from the regular space marine line to make up the majority of your army if you don't want them to all be uber tricked out, and then you can make up some very very detailed and special mini's for your Wolf Guard etc.

I'm liking it, and best off it encourages you to head to your local GW and get them to show you the copy, I can't wait to get down to mine and read the whole dex!



Excited ;)


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