Sunday 14 June 2015

249: Rainbows on heated steel

Interference in thin films of oxide make heated steel pretty colours. So, the hot end of a gun can be painted light blue, and as you proceed to cooler parts it goes through purple to weak orange.

I got this idea from some blog or other, but could not find it again. (Let me know, if you have an example). I used it on a multi-melta.
Using inks/washes or possibly very thin paint build up some rings. Try to vary the intensity, so the colours blend. If it comes out a bit strong, it can be knocked back a touch by drybrushing with the base metal colour again. 

Update: Thanks to Siph, here's my reference.


Friday 5 June 2015

248: Castle legs are back!

They're back.

The old school castellated legs are back for the Devastators and look brilliant.  I remember the old Devastator models so fondly (image below) and loved the really solid look of the extra-bulked-up legs.  I'm so happy to see them back again now too.


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