Tuesday 3 October 2017

287: Hassiq's Log - part I

I'm not dead....

I've just had a somewhat busy year and after the flurry of posts leading up to the conflict at J'migan Bridge (reminder, I must write up the battle sometime)  I've not really had much of a chance to look in here.

I have however been taking part in a very fun Battlefleet Gothic based roleplay set in Scyrian Expanse the with some of the guys from the Beard Bunker.

I'm playing Hassiq Betancourt-Xing, a Rogue Trader who's not been having much luck (all thanks to my pesky family) who has set his sails (or perhaps that should be engines) for the edge of known space to see if he can't improve his lot.  We've got ourselves into a number of scrapes already, and much like Laius Ortano (or Jon as I sometimes call him), I'm going to be chronicling our adventures in the form of a journal (part 1 and part 2) in character.


Hassiq’s log - entry 13

[++ Vox Recording and Transcription]

I really should try and keep this updated somewhat more.  Oh well, if wishes were Astartes...

Isn’t this just a turn-up for the books. After being constantly blocked by my so called “family”, jealous of how I’m doing, I might have just struck gold by finally getting out from under their overbearing presence. I’ve only gone and found myself on the edge of Imperial space, lining up with a Naval escort, and a whole series of repairs on the Imperium’s tab. I knew my luck would turn eventually.

I’m finally reaping my rewards. They just couldn’t stand the fact I’d married into BXK, had to work my way up through the ranks. I mean it was a whole decade before they allowed me command of one of their ships, disgraeful! Its not like the Zen is much of a ship either, its swallowed almost everything I’ve made just to keep her spaceworthy, no-one really understands just how much it costs to keep a ship in the sky, they all think its swanning around and doing whatever you want. Anyway, that’s not the point.

Xephone seems like an acceptable place. I wouldn’t want to spend too much time here, very provincial, and a bit of a mess after they let the Orkoid get out of hand. They say they’ve got things sorted now - I’ll believe it when I see it.

We popped over to the Intemperance for a welcome dinner. Its a little sparse on those naval vessels, but they did their best and put on a passable spread. There was plenty of ‘sec at least, although I might have to keep a tighter leash on Antono in future, he was getting far too chatty with one of their female captains. Captain Ortano… Captain, or was it Commodore, who knows? Anyway, Ortano seems a bit green, but apparently he was the one who sorted out the Orkoid, so he can’t be all that bad. Where was I. Oh yes, Ortano seems like an alright chap, some decent chat, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of success with him along.

Anyway, that’s me for the night. Might have had a little too much of that ‘sec myself. Must remember to show them a proper party sometime. We’re off exploring tomorrow. Venka said she’d have selected the most promising system in the local area by the morning.

P.S.: Must remember to keep Sifira away from the navy boys in future. I think she may have “left and impression” on that Gunnery Sergeant (Barnabus I think his name was), and not in that way mind you. I don’t doubt she probably gave away a bit too much about the true condition of the Zen, she was bending his ear pretty much the whole night, and spent far too much time pointing to that pad with our list of needs. She can be a bit too efficient at times.

[-- Vox Recording and Transcription]


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