Sunday, 27 November 2016

276: Bahzhakhain!

I recently finished the requirements for the Guardian Battlehost version of the Craftworld Warhost. I took a pic to celebrate.
 Bahzhakhain is the term used on Biel-Tan for a battle host ("Tempest of blades").

Click on the image to embiggen slightly.

Or download even higher res.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

275: War walkers

Wotcher. I have yet more eldar completed. These leggy fellows should get their first outing in a couple of days.

They are built straight out of the box without much tweaking. They come with scenic bases. I did feel the need to hack bits off and add patches of cracked earth in different places so they were not all the same.

The guns are magnetised. Indeed, they are identical to the guardian squad's heavy weapon platform guns. I painted up so many of those that I have not bothered to paint the guns that came with the walkers.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

274: Bikes

Progress!  Hopefully not the last either.  I'm back and with One Force marines no less.  Here's my latest addition, a trio of bikers to add into my force to help me on the way to running one of the new Codex Space Marine formations.

The two slightly drunk bikers are taken from the Dark Vengence set, bodies replaced with more generic marine torso's (One Force are a spartan chapter after all), and Volkite Calivers for weapons.  As these don't appear in 40K, I can reasonably claim them to be grav-weapons for the purposes of running them as filthy grav-bikers.  The Sergeant gets the standard yellow helm, and a combi-grav which is a DIY combination of a Volkite Caliver and a bolter from Anvil Industries.

These also mark a slight change in my painting technique for One Force.  Previously I've completely avoided the use of metallics in their colour scheme, but on reflection (its only taken my 40+ models), I've decided to change their weapons and a few other details to metallic and give them black weapons housings.  This'll be applied to all of the models going forward, and potentially retro-applied to the older models.

I've not weathered the models yet because that is another aspect I'll be changing going forward, but I haven't had a chance to experiment yet.

Friday, 21 October 2016

273: Eldar artillery and a Vyper

I finished some stuff for my Bahzhakain. First, a Vyper

Secondly, a Vaul's wrath defence battery.

The crew on their own.

I painted all 3 gun options for the artillery. It's a nicely designed kit in that no magnets are needed. The guns sit on a block, and can be slid on. It's just snug enough.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

272: Guardian horde

I chose Eldar because they are an elite army. I was not keen to paint huge numbers of models. So... I just finished almost 50 models.

40 guardians, 4 heavy weapons platforms and 3 warlocks. I will probably use them as 2 squads of 10 guardians and 1 squad of 20.

I am trying to cobble together the requirements for a guardian battlehost formation.

Coming up, Vaul's Wrath Defence Battery, War Walker Sqaudron, and a Vyper.
I ordered another warlock to lead the artillery, without paying too much attention. I was expecting resin. Instead, I get metal. I had no idea that GW were still selling metal models.


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