Friday, 22 May 2015

245: Lighting a Rhino

Rebuild the searchlight. It needs a little more space to accommodate a standard LED.
I left one wire looking like a cable, and used the brass rod forming the pintle mount as the other connection for the circuit.

 I put the LEDs in brass tubes. This mostly stops light scattering through the plastic. I suggest that getting a pipe cutter (maybe from a plumbing supplier) is best for cutting brass pipe. The bevelled ends on the headlights are a bit trickier. I drilled out a scrap of wood so that the pipe fit in the hole. Then used a hacksaw. The wood stops the pipe collapsing as you saw it. There is still a fair amount of clean up required with needle files afterwards.
The bevel on the headlights helps to hide the LEDs from some angles of view, and helps them to project light cones.

I used the whole interior of the Rhino as a battery and switch compartment. The back door and top hatch are magnetised for access.

The paint on this model came out insufficiently metallic for Iron Knights.

Third Company Tactical Squad Cygnus can see where they are going.

The searchlight gives a high angle, which casts decent shadows.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

244: Introducing a new contributor

I'd just like to introduce the newest contributor to this humble blog.

ColonelFazackerley will be bringing his considerably better painting and modelling skills to you all, as well as the gaming exploits of his Space Marines and Eldar.

We hope that between the two of us we can bring a bit more regularity to posting and up the content.

Friday, 24 April 2015

243: The Vanus Temple's many great tutorials

Checking back over the tutorials on The-Vanus-Temple to find the 360 spin code for my post on the 40K calendar, I realised just how much cool info there is on that website and wanted to catalogue and share some of my favourite links:
I'd definitely recommend you go and check those posts out, and have a little look around on his site too, its very worth the time.

Monday, 20 April 2015

242: Facebook Finds - Henry Steele, The Overlords

Henry Steele is a contributor over on the Overlords group on Facebook and the weekend before last posted up this conversion which is simply amazing.

I absolutely love it and with full credit I think that once I get around to re-doing my Wolves will be borrowing heavily from it.

Friday, 17 April 2015

241: painted Treeman Avatar of Khaine

Here's the steps I've managed so far, he's not quite complete, and unbased, but I'm really happy with how its going, and I'd be very willing to see him on the battlefield, all I need is an Eldar army for him to go with :D

Skipped a step here, but it was only the basing of yellow, then progressive drybrushing of Fiery Orange and then Blood Red to build up the graduation of the colour.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

240: Forgeworld event only - yes please

Oh dear, why do you do this to us Forgeworld?

Well aren't they pretty!  To anyone going to the Horus Heresy weekender, I'd love a couple of the Iron Warrior (the one on the left), one for itself, and one for conversion.  If you could get me a pair I'd happily pay and contribute to your travel.

Monday, 26 January 2015

239: A lair full of Skaven

Totalling up what I'd painted last year, I realised that my Skaven were starting to become a full army.  I also got a good basing session in the other day while hanging out at the so the army is actually looking somewhat presentable.  I also managed to get a photo of them all together.

What you can see in the picture above are 120 clanrats including two pretty large unit fillers, 20 Stormvermin, some weapon teams, a Doomwheel, Warp Lightning Cannon, and various characters representing my Warlord, BSB and a couple of Engineers.  Its stretching towards 2000 points amazingly enough.  Sorry the pic isn't the best, hopefully I'll manage a bit better picture sometime soon.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

238: Painting lava on the Avatar

Amazingly enough, the Avatar is one of the most popular posts on the blog, and its a model I'm really keen to get painted so its first up on my list for the new year.

I've never painted anything like lava before so I needed to test out some effects to see what would work.  What you see below is an attempt to recreate the classic lava look you'll find by simply searching on google.  One thing I've realised is that the areas that are going to be lava-like on this model are a lot larger than on the GW and Forgeworld avatar models.

To stop the whole model looking like some kind of weird bee, I'll be trying to make the molten sections darker, as if they are partially solidified on the surface.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

237: 2015 New Years Resolutions

So here they are, my aims for the upcoming year.  I wonder if I'll have any better luck achieving them than I did my previous aims, which you can find here:
2014 resolutions and 2014 in review
2011 I didn't make up any resolutions but I did do a 2011 in review

  • Post pictures of all the models I painted during 2014
    • Skaven army, the Tyranids, One Force marines (Mk II and Mk IV)
  • Continue the clear out
    • Tyranids, Space Wolves (most of them), a lot of spares and bits and pieces
  • Complete painting One Force as it stands
    • 5 Mk V marines and jump-packs, 10 Mk III veterans with combi-weapons, missile launchers for all squads, Master of the Forge
  • Complete standing painting projects
    • Skaven warp lighting cannon, Treeman Avatar, Tau Firewarriors and Riptide, and any other bits and pieces I have lying around that I've forgotten
  • Return to blogging
    • I'd definitely like to tidy up the blog a bit, and perhaps improve the design and look of it.  As a more viable, achievable target I'm also setting myself 2 posts a month minimum as my aim for the year
So thats it, a relatively modest 5 aims, and as well as that, I'll most likely be beginning a Daemon army, and I'm sure that GW will be releasing plenty of new and interesting models that'll be tempting me and stealing even more of my money, but then that wouldn't be anything new.
If you've got any resolutions or aims for the new year, I'd be happy to know what you're aiming for, feel free to comment below and link to your own blogs.

Cheers - Andrew

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

236: 2014 - the year that wasn't

The year is essentially over and as far as this blog is concerned, 2014 was effectively a non-year.  Including this post, and my post setting out my 2014 new year resolutions, I've managed a mere 9 posts, and of those, only 5 actually connect to anything particularly hobby related.

Its not so much that I haven't done much hobby, I've been somewhat productive (time permitting) but have had to sacrifice time that I would normally have spent blogging so that I've had time to do the actual hobby required for blogging.

Anyway, looking back over what I've been up to this year while not blogging, it turns out I've painted up quite a bit. 


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