Monday 14 January 2019

292: One Force all, and all Force One

Here is my generic marines force, purposefully designed to be as "generic" as possible, allowing maximum flexibility to field a force from any of the codices.  There's lots of magnets included in this force, with most of the weapons swappable in one way or another.  You can see the slow and steady growth under the One Force label.

Colour wise, I thought to try and draw from a "realistic" military look, so the air wing is in grey... :)

... and the mechanised components are in a desert yellow.

As another 7th Ed army, there's units included to make up the formations, and there's also my Centurion conversions based on the Kataphron Destroyers.

The fantastic Korvydae model as my commander, and Iron Hand veterans to double as an Honour Guard or Sternguard.

Hammer-nator Termies and a Chaplain for extra kill.  >:)

The troops, all magnetised to run either as Assault or Tactical troops, and interchangeable special and sergeant weapons.  (There's 30 marines in total, a mix of Mk II, IV, and V;  all the original resin models)

That's that then.  I'm sure you'll see them over on the Beard Bunker from time to time, and they'll be expanded over time as well as I feel like it.

Saturday 22 December 2018

291: Tomb Raiders

As I mothball my blog I'm taking stock of my hobby and armies as they stand.  

Here at the end of 2018, this is my whole Necron army.  What started off as a side project and a quick and easy army ended up being one of the most difficult as I had to customise every last model with electrical wire to replace the green rods in the original kit.

To my mind, a Necron army should always be about a horde of relentless, advancing warriors and I've tried to keep that in this army.  I've got over 40 warriors that I take as many of as reasonable every time I play.  In big units of ~20 they are amazingly resilient and it can be impressive to see almost half the unit return to life even if there's only one left on the battlefield.

Wednesday 28 November 2018

290: 10th birthday, the end of an era

Terrifyingly enough, today marks 10 years since I began this blog.  I can't quite believe I've been back in the hobby for that long.

It can't escape the notice of any poor sod who's still checking that posting has pretty much ceased here.  This is down to various factors, a big part being my own changing personal circumstances, and how much (or rather little) time I can give to the hobby.  That which I have I am plowing 100% into actual hobby and so this place takes a back seat.

Considering its just hit such a milestone, I've taken the difficult decision that I'm going to mothball the blog.  I plan to do a couple of posts to wrap things up over the next few weeks, but that'll be it for the foreseeable future.  Should life ever return to a situation where I can support this again I may return but I offer no promises...

I won't be completely lost from the hobby blogosphere however, my very good friends and primary gaming group, The Beard Bunker, have agreed to allow me to join them as a contributor to their much more excellent site, so anyone who even remembers my ramblings and would like to see more are strongly recommended to head on over that way and add them to whatever site aggregator you use.

I'll be back in the not too distant future with those wrapping up posts.

In the meantime - toodle-pip and all that!

Friday 23 February 2018

289: Pyrkol wound trackers for 40k

I just got a bunch of these wound tracker dials. I think they are a much nicer design than the dice from GW.

I already have magnets on the inside of the hull of my planes, from magnetising the stand on. Now I can stick a dial on. I will certainly be sticking magnets on the inside of the hull of future vehicles.

More info on how the flight stands are attached:

I found the tracker dials on Search for "pyrkol wound".

Monday 1 January 2018

288: Striking Scorpions of the Occulted Claw Shrine

I finished a group. Shrine of the occulted blade. 
There's a mix of 1990 lead models that I bought from Andrew and new (ahem) resin models. I plan to use them as 1 large or 2 small squads. I might try the claw exarch as a Karandras stand-in: I think the loadout is the same.

It's good to have more aspect warriors available to my Biel-Tan. The fluff grows stronger.

I have been planning for the new year. I have some Howling Banshees and Rangers underway. I also have an unassembled shame pile including a Wave Serpent and Dark Reapers. I think I might convert up some Shining Spears before assembling those: I need more fast attack to qualify for a battalion.


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