Friday 26 August 2016

271: 2000pts BA&IK vs SM&Eldar

My friend, codename Luther, recently completed his first Imperial Knight model, and wanted to take it out for spin. Luther shows off his lovely models at the might brush.

He teamed up his new knight, Gerantius, with his Blood Angels.

I have mostly Iron Knights (Imperial Fist successors), and some Eldar, which I am expanding.

We played Big Guns Never Tire with diagonal deployment. I have Thunderhammer terminators up front and a rhino with a full tac squad behind. Castling up in the corner, I have a lascannon dev squad on the hill with a bunch of sneaky eldar hiding behind it. They are joined by a master of the forge on a bike with a conversion beamer. I have a bike squad with grav and multi melta attack bike next. My cloak and sniper scouts infiltrated and scout moved into the ruin. I have a Crimson Death (3 plane Eldar formation) in reserve.

Luther deployed the mighty Gerantius front and centre. Supporting fire would be supplied by a Deredeo stood high in the ruin.

Friday 5 August 2016

270: Airbrush medium makes a lovely thin glaze

Andrew mentioned to me that airbrush medium (AKA thinner) is handy stuff. I was looking for a lazy way to shade an orangey yellow on my guardians sashes. I mixed some airbrush medium with some orange, and used it like a wash over some yellow.
This was quick and I think it worked well.

The glaze is thin in the sense that it has low viscosity and in the sense that it is see through. Note the difference between a glaze and a wash. This is on the border.

For my first go, I tried adding some retardant too: don't! For the first time, I managed to make some paint that never dries. The airbrush medium is quite slow drying anyway.

I wonder if airbrush medium plus grey might be a solution for the tricky problem of shading white.


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