Thursday 26 December 2013

227: 2013 in review

So, how have your 2013's been?

As has become a tradition for me, I'm going to look back over the past year for my hobby to see where I was and where I've got to.  So in 2013 I managed:
  • 36 Blog posts, passing the 200 mark for total number of posts
  • One Force has progressed well, and now stands at 1500 points
    • I'm especially proud of the conversion I did for the Storm Raven, I think it looks a lot better now.
  • I went to two tournaments this year
    • I came back from the March Throne of Skulls with the Best Necron certificate (in part thanks to also getting a Best Sports certificate)
    • I made at least one of Blog Wars this year, and only just managed to avoid the wooden spoon
  • Painting wise I managed to total up 70 painting points, not what I'd hoped, but not as bad as I'd thought it would be.
As well as all of that, I've also completely changed career, having to go back to school part time to do so, completed my first triathlon, and renovated about half of the place we live in, so I've been pretty busy.

I also started this year with a series of New Years resolutions, so lets see how I managed to hold up to them this year:
  • Maintain 1 post minimum per week - FAILED: Although this worked for me in 2012, this year life and everything else kind of got in the way.
  • Attend more tournaments/gaming weekends - COMPLETE: As well as the two tournaments I went to, I also got in a gaming trip to Warhammer World with some local guys. 
  • Sell my spare stuff - PASS: I did sell of a lot of stuff, but there's still more to go, so not totally complete yet (but then it may never really be complete). 
  • Complete my Skaven (at least all the models I own, and anything I buy) - FAIL: Nothing painted for the skaven, but thankfully only a Warp Lightning Cannon bought, and I hope to make a little progress in the new year. 
  • Beat last years painting points score - FAIL: I came closer to equalling it than I expected, but just didn't have the time. 
  • Bring One Force to a playable 1750 points force minimum - FAIL: I managed to get to 1500 points, and didn't buy anything new, so I'm almost through with all the models I currently own for the army.
So out of 6 resolutions, I managed to complete one, and pass one, but failed the other 4 which just goes to show that I was just a little too ambitious last year, or that I wasn't as dedicated as I could have been this year. Either way, I'm going to have to reconsider how I'm going to go about hobby next year.

So that's how my hobby year has gone, if any of you out there are doing something similar, I'd love to hear about it just in case I don't already follow your blogs. I'm away over the Christmas/New Year period, so won't be able to reply straight away to comments, but will be checking in as I now have internets abroad!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.
- Andrew

Monday 2 December 2013

226: Necrons vs. Space Marines

Game played!

Brief batrep from the game I played a week or so ago against the new marines.  I've included a very brief battle report below, but due to the shop closing, we could only get in 2 turns so its pretty short.

            Chapter Master with Honour Guard
            3 x Tac squads with Meltaguns and Lascannon
            5 Scouts (Bolters and Heavy Bolter with Hellfire)
            10 Sternguard
            Dreadnought with Lascannon and Missiles
            10 Assault marines
            10 Devestators – 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannon
            Predator Destructor
            Autocannon Hunter/Stalker variant

My Necrons
            Trazyn the infinite
            2 Destruction Crypteks
            1 veil Cryptek
            1 Lord
            2 x 9 Warriors in Arks
            8 Warriors
            10 Immortals with Gauss
            2 x 3 Heavy Destroyers
            3 x Annihilation Barges

Game was Dawn of War (long table edges) and Purge the Alien (kill points) so about as straight forward as possible.

The Marines went first, their setup, from left to right (my point of view):
Stalker/hunter, Devestators, Tac squad, Dreadnought, Assault Marines, Chapter Master, Tac squad, gap for a building, Tac squad, Predator.  The scouts infiltrated forward in front of the predator, and the Sternguard and Librarian were waiting in the Drop Pod.


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