Thursday 28 June 2012

One Force Terminators Completed

You can see the stages I've gone through with these guys here, here and here.  Its taken a while, and I've had to completely re-work the painting method for the new paints, but I'm really happy with how they've ended up.  I've also tried battle damage and weathering on these guys for the first time in my painting with mixed success.

click to embiggen
I'd really appreciate any comments anyone has, especially criticism and constructive feedback in case there are things you think can be improved, and how I might go about it.  You can see some closer shots in the last in progress post here.

Cheers - Andy

Edit:  forgot, this means I've now added 10 painting points for this year.  You can see my running total on the right >

Thursday 21 June 2012

First Marines for One Force

The Forgeworld MkII armour is just fantastic.  In the pictures on their website, I never thought the MkII armour looked very good, I far preferred the MkIII as well as the MkIV and MkV, but when I finally got to have a look at them in person, I realised just how nice the MkII is and had to get some.  These are the first of what will eventually be 30 Tactical/Assault marines for One Force.

Thursday 14 June 2012

One Force Terminator painting progress

These guys are getting there, slowly but surely.  After a bit of a break, I've got back to them and I imagine I may have finished them this week.  Pretty exciting as this will be the first completed unit for the army (typical of me to go right in with an Elites unit).  For posterity, I've included below models in varying states of completion so I can see the progress they take to get there.

Friday 8 June 2012

Casting hands

For my One Force marines, I bought the Forgeworld tactical marines, but wanted to model them with lots of combat weapons as well so that I could realistically use them as assault marines as well with magnetised backpacks.  The problem I had is that the tactical marines left hands are all sculpted to be holding bolters, so I needed a lot of left hands to replace them with.  Rather than buying even more parts just to get the left hands, I decided to have a go at casting/molding some up myself to see how useful a technique it can be.


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