Friday 7 December 2012

Blog Wars 4: Game 1 report.

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Game 1:  vs. Andy Humprhis (Ven from Sons of Sanguinius)
Mission:  5 objectives with diagonal deployment.

Andy is the reigning Blog Wars champ having won all three preceding Blog Wars so going into this game I knew I was in for a hiding.  That didn't really help me though as I pretty much managed to psyche myself out of the game before it had already begun.  Andy is a great guy though and despite him tabling me in a pretty much one sided game, it was never dull, boring or in any way not fun.  I gave him a bit of a run and dragged things out to the 6th turn so it wasn't the worst result in the world.

You can see Andy's version of events over at this post, his is a much better break down of the game, so I won't go into too much detail here.
Needless to say, I set up far too defensively, all clustered in my back corner with my scarabs out front as a screen.  Dante and his assault squad were off in the top corner to my right away from the rest of the force, trying to avoid "One Eye Open" rolls crippling the entire army, and the Termies were saved for Deep Striking in later.

"This isn't going to be good lads..."

"We're gonna mess you up bro!"

First turn or two was a bit of jockeying for position, and some shots being exchanged with little effect.  I moved my scarabs up as a screen to slow the Wraiths.  Around turn 3 the Wraiths hit and started to much through my army.  With pretty much all of the fire from my force I was able to whittle the Wraiths down to not much left, but by then Andy had brought on his fliers which gunned the rest of my army to pieces.  The Termies dropped in Andy's back field, trying to draw some of his fliers and get to grips with some of his back field units.  They scattered about 11" away from everything and a few of Andy's fliers gunned them to pieces before they could do anything.

Andy's Immotals teleporting in and hosing some Warriors

"Right, if we Gauss them enough they might not kill all of us... right?"

"I'm pretty sure we're screwed now."  (The beginning of the end).

If you check out Andy's breakdown of the game and what I did wrong, I'd say he's 100% right.  Some of my inexperience and a lot of bad decisions meant I was never going to stand much of a chance in this game.  The highlight as far as my force is concerned was a broadside from the Ghost Ark and the squad inside it bringing a flier down in a single round of shooting!

Andy was a great opponent and is a very skilled player.  I'd happily play him again any time and would like to give him a bit more of a run for his money in future.

Check back soon for Game 2 with the "Royal Court of Doom!".

Cheers, Andy.


  1. Hey dude, great photos there.. they make us both look good!
    It did take quite a while to kill all the Warriors and Immortals.. would love a rematch some time, I'm pretty sure that lessons were learnt and I'd have a much harder time in the future!

    1. Looks like I'm off to ToS in March, so if you are going there (I realise its not quite your type of tournament anyway) then there's a chance of a game, otherwise I'll see what other tournaments I can make in the new year.



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