Wednesday 29 February 2012

New Terminators for "One Force" marines

I've been trying to do little moments of hobby recently, rather than sitting down to long periods as I rarely seem to have a large block of time I can dedicate to hobby.  Its not been too bad and I've been able to make some progress on a few models.  I've sadly failed on one of my New Years Resolutions, I picked up a squad of Terminators to paint up for my "One Force" marines as I really wanted to have a squad made up for them, and as I plan to use Forgeworld early marque armours for the regular marines, Terminators were really the only models I could get at this stage.

Monday 20 February 2012

KR Multicase Guest Spot

So a few weeks ago, when looking at this post on the GW blog, I noticed that the case on the desk wasn't a GW case as you would usually see, but was in fact a KR Multicase.  I've used KR's cases since getting back into the hobby and think they are just about the best system out there.  I've got different cardboard cases for each of my armies, and can just pick and choose which one I want to take with me depending on how I feel before putting the cardboard into my backpack.  It means I only have to have one carry-case, but can store multiple armies for relatively little money.

On a whim, I dropped Daryl (from KR) a message to let him know, expecting him to have been informed by half the people out there on the net already, it turns out I was the first (and maybe only) to have spotted it.  This apparently made Daryl's day because not only did he post about it on the KR Facebook page, but as a completely unexpected thank you, he sent me one of their accessory cases as well!

Anyway, I just want to say a very big well done to Daryl from KR for making such a good product, and a thank you for being so generous to someone just for spotting one of their products in the wild.  To those of you that haven't already, have a look at KR cases, they really are very good.

Posted while away on holiday, comments will be replied to when I return at the start of March

Thursday 16 February 2012

Defence of Vercote Hive - Wolf v Tyranid Battle Report

I thought I might try something a little different with this battle report, maybe people will like them, maybe not, but I like the idea of trying to bring a little more personality to my games.  (I'll point out now that I started writing this before the release of Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns and Battle for the Fang so the style is pretty different to most of the current Space Wolves fiction.)  Let me know if you like it or not...

  "That is a fell-wind, do you smell it brother?"  
Njärv stood, his nostrils flaring as he drew great draughts of air into his lungs.  Surveying the outskirts of the hive from his vantage point, he could sense that all wasn't right, not only by sniffing the air as it gusted across the crater strewn landscape, but in a tremor that seemed to be rising up out of the earth and into his body, as if the ground itself was trembling in fear.
  "Aye, and one I recognise far too well.  I remember this foul thrall-stench from Ahmrads Hope, and that day we barely held Eden's Gate from the xeno."
Thogard knelt down, drawing a handful of carved bones from a worn hide pouch at his belt and tossed them onto the earth, watching as they tumbled and how they landed.  A frown creased his heavy brow,  
  "Not good, not good at all.  There is something more to this, something other than the usual interference caused by the wyrm, something powerful awaits and this world feels it in its bones, its spirit is restless."  
Gathering up the runes, Thogard stood and turned to one of the Wolf Guard gathered around the two Rune Priests,  
  "Gather your pack-mates, and awake the spirits of your Rhinos, we'll join battle within the hour if I read the winds correctly.  The wolf spirits will be with you."

Thursday 9 February 2012

Would you like to know more?

A couple of years ago, I had this thought rattling around in my head for Guards painted up (and perhaps mildly converted) to resemble the Mobile Infantry (MI) from Starship Troopers.  I just love those films, they are so wacky and tongue-in-cheek and I used to watch them while painting quite a bit.  I posted about this a while back, and although not thinking it was the most original of ideas, it definitely got a bit of attention and I just couldn't resist making them up.

I started off with a smallish elites force of guard, Raszcek's Roughnecks, and when I can, would still like to expand into the 3rd MI division in keeping with the film.  It'll probably be a mostly un-mechanised army although that'll change given time I'm sure, and I've got ideas for some light conversions to be done to Valkyries to make them resemble the landers from the films. 

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Change in GWs copyright policy?

I don't have the largest amount of hobby to tell you about from the last week, but I have been hearing some interesting tid-bits from local sources and have found a couple of things on the internet that I thought I'd let you all know about.


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