Friday 31 August 2012

One Force Tac 1 - update

Its been about a month since I last posted any progress for these guys, so here's where I'm at with them.

click to embiggen
I've chosen to work on only 5 figures at a time as it can be pretty soul destroying to be faced with 10 of the same thing to paint each time, whereas 5 feels a lot more manageable (although not always) and still gives time for one coat to dry by the time you've finished the last.  Since last time I've worked the greys to a highlighted state across all parts, went back and tidied up the green on the armour and then shaded it (you can find the process I'm using to paint these guys here).  Next up is to highlight all the armour and then apply battle damage and weathering, and then all I'll have left are the little details and this combat squad will be ready for the tabletop.  After these I plan to paint the Shadow Captain Korvydae I bought recently so that I can start to field them as an allied detachment in games so they start to see the tabletop.

C&C welcome.  Cheers - Andy

Thursday 23 August 2012

Game Imbalance - fascinating

I'm afraid I don't have any painting pictures to post today, although I've made some progress, our house is currently upside down as we are doing a load of renovation so getting a photo is more difficult that normal.  Instead, I thought I'd point you in the direction of this that I came across in my standard trawling of the interwebs for 40K content (from someone elses link, although I don't remember where from so thank you whoever it was originally posted this).  Its a pretty fascinating discourse on how game mechanics work, and their use in driving evolution in a game system, the fabled META that is always discussed, and of course sales.

Its a pretty fantastic presentation of what could otherwise be a very complex issue, and I'd very highly recommend you take 7mins to watch it, and I'd love to hear what you think of it too.

Cheers - Andy

Thursday 16 August 2012

Wolf Guard in 6th

In 5th, it was a no-brainer to take a Wolf Guard to lead a squad, and of course the only way to arm them was to give them a power fist and combi-melta.  However, with the advent of 6th and challenges in close combat, that Wolf Guard choice involves a lot more thought.  Now, I'm not exactly a tactical genius, but I'm going to try and consider a few of the possibilities you may face, and what kind of weapon options you may want to take.

With the new rules, you can't pick out a character that has joined a squad when in combat, so the provision for a power fist isn't quite as important.  Couple this with the greater ease in attaching a grenade to a vehicle/walker now and there is even less reason to take a power fist at all in your squad.  As far as a challenge is concerned, what is most important about the opponent you are facing is Initiative, and I'm going to split things up into whether a Wolf Guards Initiative of 4 is greater than the character you will be in a challenge with, or if it is equal or less, and labelling the likely loadout you may want to use too.

Thursday 9 August 2012

One Force commander

Here he is, on my way North last week I was able to stop off at Warhammer World and pick this guy up along with one other nice addition to my force (more on that later).  He'll be the commander of my force, initially I'll be using him as Korvydae from IA8, but as with pretty much everything in this force, he's magnetised so I can always switch out his weapons and use him as a regular commander, or even other things.


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