Friday 27 August 2010

Squad highlights

Hey there, despite not much on this blog, I've actually been progressing quite well with painting my army, I just haven't had a chance to post much of it on here.  I finally managed to get some pictures taken of some of my progress so here it is.

I've managed to highlight all the models armour in one of my Grey Hunter squads:

More Games Played - Game 2

Game 2 was against Necrons (with special house rules)

There have been a few Necron players coming out of the woodwork at the local FLGS and a people have been talking about putting together some house rules to make the army a little more competitive.  A few different combinations have been tried, for this game it was:
WBB as standard
Gauss becomes rending
Claws (Wraith and Flayed Ones) are rending in CC

Monday 23 August 2010

Games Played - Shock! Horror!

Hey everyone

Original image here, I "customised" it a little though ;)

Thought I'd mention that I've recently been able to get in some games with my wolves, something I've not always been able to manage, and not only that, I've even managed to win 2 of them as well.

Sadly I've never managed to remember to take a camera along to the games to get any visual recordings, but I thought I'd give a little run-down of the games for everyones enjoyment (if nothing else you can laugh at my somewhat classical failures) and so I can refer back to it in the future.  I'll be reporting the first game here, and the others in following posts so that you're not faced with a giant wall of text to wade through.

Game 1
vs.  Super Mech Imperial Guard

OK, this was the first of my recent games, I don't remember exactly the list, but it was something like:
4 Valkyries/Vendettas (some containing vets)
3 Chimeras with Vets
Psyker Battle Squad

My list was (roughly):
8 Grey Hunters in Rhino with all the trimmings, Wolf Guard
 x 2
8 Blood Claws with Wolf Guard
Squad of Long Fangs
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf
4 Thunderwolf Cavalry

I'll say from the start I got spanked in this game.  It was kill points and pitched battle deployment.  Guard got to go first and lined up across the board from me, with two of the valkyries/vendettas (V/Vs) scouting, and two of them coming on from reserve.  I tried for a refused flank, with a lot of my force in reserve to try and protect them from incoming fire in the first few turns, with only my Long Fangs in some cover to one side, and Blood Claws in a building nearby for protection.  I failed to seize the initiative.

First couple of turns, he lays lots of missiles and fire into the Long Fangs.  I keep allocating wounds to my Heavy Bolter Fangs as they are the least use to me, but they always manage to make their cover saves while the rest of the Fangs slowly die to the incoming fire.  If those Heavy Bolter Fangs weren't so useless to me in this game, they'd have been pretty heroic.  My fire is pretty ineffectual, stunning the odd thing here or there.

Turn 3 and my Rhinos and Lord with Thunderwolves and Lord come onto the board and move as far forward as they can to try and get into contact with the Guard and maybe score back some KPs, the Rhinos pop smoke.  I manage to pull off my usual wolf-shuffle, the thunderwolves managing to run a full 1".

Guard turn 4 and here is where the game is pretty much over.  The psyker battle squad pull their leadership reduction routine and knock my Lords Ld down to 3 or 4.  Then the manticore drops a couple of blast templates onto the Thunderwolves and kills off 2, I have to test against the Thunderwolf Ld as its now the best of the two, of course I fail and they trot right back off the board having done precisely nothing.  A few lascannon shots has my Grey Hunters out of the Rhinos, and then weight of fire reduces them pretty heavily.

The rest of the game was my Grey Hunters and Blood Claws who have now got out of the building getting across the board and doing their best to cause what damage they can.  We called it at the bottom of turn 5 due to time, and surprisingly I was only down by a couple of KPs thanks to those squads managing to knock out a few chimera's and slaughter the containing squads in combat.  However, looking at it I was definitely on the losing side, the game finished with me having very little left on the board, and the Guard force still relatively well represented and effective.

There's so much I did wrong in this game, but at the same time I'm not sure how much more I could have done, the Thunderwolves running off was pretty depressing but with the psyker battle squad and manticore it was always going to happen.  I could probably have also applied better fire priority and all sorts of other things.  I also didn't have anything near as good a list as I'm running now as this was before my Rune Priests and plenty of my more recent additions and really made me realise how carefully you need to craft a list to be really competitive.

More batreps to come (some from much more recently that I remember so they should have a bit more detail).

Cheers, bG

Thursday 5 August 2010

Grey Hunter Squads ready for the table

So its most of a year since the release of the Space Wolf codex and only now have I finally finished adapting my Grey Hunter squads to their new rules and setup - a pretty good example of how slow I am at working on stuff for this hobby.  Last night I got a chance to sit down and work on the models I showed in this post and now I've finally got them all up to tabletop standard.  I can finally field a full, WYSIWYG force from this list.

My Rune Priests - leading the force and attached to units of Grey Hunters.

The Wolf Guard Pack Leaders and their combi-meltas.

Grey Hunters that have succumbed to the Mark of the Wulfen.

The two squads all together.  Notice the guy on the right of each image with the banner - well these are my Wolf Standard markers and I've set them up to be removable, they just slot into the backpack with a pin so I can remove them once I've used the Standard meaning I won't accidentally use it twice on the same unit.

I'm hoping to be able to do a whole army shot a-la Drax very soon (although my figs are no where near finished like his).


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