Monday, 20 February 2012

KR Multicase Guest Spot

So a few weeks ago, when looking at this post on the GW blog, I noticed that the case on the desk wasn't a GW case as you would usually see, but was in fact a KR Multicase.  I've used KR's cases since getting back into the hobby and think they are just about the best system out there.  I've got different cardboard cases for each of my armies, and can just pick and choose which one I want to take with me depending on how I feel before putting the cardboard into my backpack.  It means I only have to have one carry-case, but can store multiple armies for relatively little money.

On a whim, I dropped Daryl (from KR) a message to let him know, expecting him to have been informed by half the people out there on the net already, it turns out I was the first (and maybe only) to have spotted it.  This apparently made Daryl's day because not only did he post about it on the KR Facebook page, but as a completely unexpected thank you, he sent me one of their accessory cases as well!

Anyway, I just want to say a very big well done to Daryl from KR for making such a good product, and a thank you for being so generous to someone just for spotting one of their products in the wild.  To those of you that haven't already, have a look at KR cases, they really are very good.

Posted while away on holiday, comments will be replied to when I return at the start of March


  1. the best part is that GW failed to spot it and put a competitors product on their main page!!!

  2. I know, I just wonder how long it will be before the image is subtly cropped?

  3. How do you find KR compare to Battle Foam?

    I'm in the market for 2-3 cases at the moment and am having trouble deciding which direction to go in.

  4. Hi Rob

    I'm afraid I haven't used any battlefoam yet, so couldn't comment on how it would compare with KR stuff.

    All I'll say is that the KR foam is very soft and flexible so its really easy to stuff models into slots that aren't quite big enough and the foam flex's around the models, without causing any damage. The KR system also has the advantage of the relatively cheap card cases which means (as I have), its possible to have different armies in different card cases, and then have a single transport bag which you put the card cases into depending on which army you plan to use.

    I currently have 4 card cases, and one backpack-2 into which I place cases as I need, and I find the system works really quite well.

    Hope this will help you making a decision, and feel free to ask any other questions you might want to.



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