Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Terminators for "One Force" marines

I've been trying to do little moments of hobby recently, rather than sitting down to long periods as I rarely seem to have a large block of time I can dedicate to hobby.  Its not been too bad and I've been able to make some progress on a few models.  I've sadly failed on one of my New Years Resolutions, I picked up a squad of Terminators to paint up for my "One Force" marines as I really wanted to have a squad made up for them, and as I plan to use Forgeworld early marque armours for the regular marines, Terminators were really the only models I could get at this stage.

I've been slowly applying the paint scheme I outlined here, after spending a whole day removing all the purity seals and any major ornamentation from most of the figures.  Wanting to keep my figures without ornamentation is proving to be quite a challenge considering the placement of GW purity seals on a lot of figures, I had to spend a considerable amount of time re-sculpting ankle and knee joints on these models.  I've also posed one of the figures in a crouched pose, I was thinking along the lines of Arnie in Terminator just after he's teleported back in time, and I plan to do some work on the base as well to make it look as if he has just arrived too.

... and below you can see some details of the command terminator (frontal picture above, click it to embiggen) who is the most progressed - he just needs line highlighting, squad marking and then battle damage/weathering.

On the topic of battle damage, I've been experimenting further to try and fix a recipe that I like, and that looks realistic for damage to a composite type material.  You can see in the pictures below what I currently have as a preferred scheme, although I need to try and make the actual damage smaller as it looks too big on the model at the moment in my opinion.

Its a lot better on the green side of the figure above, than it is on the black side below (sorry for the glare on the black - lighting issues).

I'd love some advice/comments from the community on what you think, how it might be improved.  The only further work that the scheme will get is some weathering - mostly a brown dirt colour.



  1. Hey! Those Black Blood Space Angel Wolf Fist Marine terminators look really good! The crouching dude especially!

    I agree your damage looks a bit big. Are you using any silver(or boltgun) in the damage? I don't know if ceremite is metallic, but I always envision it looking metallic when it is scratched.

    Are the marines going to be green and Black? I really like that scheme. I think I mainly like it because it isn't 50/50 green/black.

    Oh, and +5 for "embiggen"

    Can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks very much ST. The crouching termie was quite a bit of work, but definitely worth it as I think he looks pretty good too.

    I'm trying to avoid using metallics for the battle damage, I feel like even though 38 millenia in the future they don't seem to be all that high-tech, I still want to make it as if the armour is made of a composite material more like modern body-armour, rather than the classic steel-plate style that is generally used.

    Unfortunately, they are only going to be a single colour, the black was another test as I'd like my veteran squads to have a darker, either black or very dark green colouring - would have been good though.




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