Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Change in GWs copyright policy?

I don't have the largest amount of hobby to tell you about from the last week, but I have been hearing some interesting tid-bits from local sources and have found a couple of things on the internet that I thought I'd let you all know about.

These first two items are all rumours so of course they may not be true, I'll just say that based on who and where from I heard them makes me believe them:

First up, I've heard that we could be seeing the release of a number of much wanted kits in the near future - including mention that packs of 3 Thunderwolves have been seen in boxes in the GW warehouse.  I was told that GW has worked out its copyright issues with certain other companies, and so is now ready to move forward with the release of these kits.

As well as this, we may be seeing tablets in the near future in local stores.  As Black Library's release of ebooks has been so successful, GW will be moving forward with electronic releases of Codices and other books in the near future.  This would be a great move in my opinion as it would mean you no longer have to drag all those books around with you.  I'll admit to having "found" electronic copies of codices that I own so that I can look things up in them when I don't have the paper version with me, so the ability to do this legally would be fantastic.

The next couple of things are just plain exciting, so much better than Ultramarines!

Go look HERE!
How cool does that look?  Not only that, but if you look at this blog post (and this preceding one), you'll see that this is even GW sanctioned!  Coupled with the mentioned release of kits that were the subject of copyright contention, to me suggests there may be a subtle shift in the way GW will be handling these in the future, they may even be waking up to the reality of the internet and fans contributions to the hobby.

Finally - live action 40K!  What appears to be another fantastic fan-made film based in the world of 40K, this one is looking for financial support for post-production, if you have a few £/$/€ why not make a mini donation to help this see reality.

So that is it from me for this week, I hope to have some hobby for you next week, till then...
Cheers - Andy

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