Thursday 23 June 2011

BlogWars Game 3

Third and Final round of BlogWars and after my defeat in game 2, I'm on table 7 and facing Ian (Ginge from Need More Tanks) with his winter themed Speedfreak Orks.

The final mission was the setup that was left over, so we were playing Seize Ground (with everyone having 5 objectives) and Pitched Battle setup.  We had 3 objectives spread around the centre of the battle field, one that was in the centre of my board edge (the lovely santa-claus in the pic to the left), and one that was to the upper-right of the board (my point of view) in front of a large tower.
As usual, my list can be found here, and Ian's list was:

Wazzdakka Gutsmek
11 Warbikers with power-klaw Nob
20 Boyz with power-klaw Nob
20 Boyz with power-klaw Nob
10 Boyz with power-klaw Nob in a Truk with all the trimmings
10 Lootas with a Mek with a Kustom Mega Blasta
10 Burnas
3 Deffkoptas
Looted Wagon
2 Battlewagons, 1 with a ram


By the end of the day, I was starting to get a little tired and forgot to take as many pictures, so I can't give as detailed a report of this battle.  However, yet again, I had a fantastic opponent in Ian who was a lot of fun to play, and whose army was really stunning.  You can see a better picture of it here, and it really looked great on the table.  For a matchup between Wolves and Orks it was suitably bloody with neither of us having too much left on the table by the end.  I managed to scrape a victory in the last couple of turns, but only just.

The Game
Ian won the roll for deployment and chose the side with the large tower into which he deployed his Lootas, the rest of his force (all of which was in transports) setup pretty centrally except for the bikes which were hiding behind the tower on the right.
I setup pretty centrally too, opposite his main force.
Turn 1
Ian came pelting forward with everything in his army, his Truk and Looted Wagon managing to immobilise themselves on terrain.  The bikes zip around the tower and are close to my lines already.  Shooting was suitably Orky, not doing too much damage, but the Rhino That Repaired (see game 2) was immobilised again.  No combat yet.
My turn 1 and I get a squad of Grey Hunters out to try and intercept the bikes - hoping that getting the charge will make a difference.  Logan & Co go 12" in their Land Raider, jump out and charge the Deff-Rolla wagon hoping to get rid of it so I'm not faced with S10 hits all over the place.  In combat my Grey Hunters kill quite a few bikes, and the Wolf Guard manages to double out Gutsmek and I win combat but the Orks hang around.
Turn 2
The brawl begins.  Most of Ian's Orks reach my main force in the centre and combat ensues.  The Long Fangs are charged by the Deffkoptas.  One Battlewagon unloads its squad to face Logan along with the Burnas who've gotten out of their immobilised Truk.  The Boyz from the looted wagon re-enforce the bikes and over the next 2 phases grind down that squad.  In the combat with Logan and the Burnas/Boyz, over the next 2 combat phases, Logan & Co are vicious, killing about 14 of the Orks, but in return 3 of the Wolf Guard are killed.  The Burnas eventually flee the combat, but the Boyz hold on.  The Grey Hunters charge into the Deffkoptas and manage to wipe them out, but only 2 Long Fangs are left.
Turn 3
The bikes continue towards my objectives, and the other large squad of Boyz make a move on my Long Fangs.  I pop the Wolf Standard on the squad that are guarding the Long Fangs expecting the double charge from Ian's squad, but despite the space being tight, he chooses to charge the Long Fangs only, wiping them out.  Logan finishes off the Boyz, and consolidates away from the Burnas.  In my turn, the Grey Hunters avenge the Long Fangs even without the Standard, wiping out the Boyz squad in a single round of combat.  The second squad of Grey Hunters near the bikes then jump out of their Rhino and charge the bikes, this time more successfully, killing them all for the loss of a few Grey Hunters.
Turns 4 - 7
I don't remember exactly which turn each of these events happened in, but the picture is from turn 5.
In the area at the bottom-left of the picture, around the santa-claus Ork, the Deff-Rolla wrecks the Land Raider, then plays cat and mouse with the Grey Hunter squad down there, repeatedly ramming them and occasionally killing one or two.  The squad in return fire lots of melta into the two Battlewagons, blowing one up on turn 5, and wrecking the one with the Rolla on turn 7 (thus securing that objective - if I remember I held it on turn 5, it was contested on turn 6).
Logan went on a bit of a rampage after his last Wolf Guard was killed.  He ran over towards the Orks in the Looted Wagon that were claiming the objective in front of the tower, and blew up their Wagon, and the Truk, and the Burnas that got out of it!
The Rhino That Repaired was once again the star though, not only did it repair itself again, but it also picked up what was left of the Grey Hunters that had killed the bikes, and got them across the board to kill off the Boyz claiming the objective in front of the tower so that they were contesting the objective in turn 6 and claiming it in turn 7.

I managed a victory, 2-0, and Ian only had his Lootas left in the tower.  It was brutal, quick (all 7 turns, and a lot of dice rolled, in about 1:45) and things went about as I'd hoped, although I wasn't quite prepared for how fast Ian got his army across the table - pretty much everything in combat by turn 2.  I guess I got a little lucky wiping out both BattleWagons when I did, and with the Rhino That Repaired, but I could have got that squad into a scoring position on one of the objectives without it, just by running (it did help though).  Ian was a gent despite sometimes copping a hiding from my Grey Hunters in combat and I want to thank him for a great game.

I'll be doing a wrap-up once I'm back from holiday, then it'll be back to my more usual painting and modelling content.  Cheers - Andy

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