Thursday, 30 June 2011

Back From Holidays

I've returned and its taken me 3 days just to read through the postings from all those of you at BlogWars and from the other blogs I follow closely (over 200 posts in total).  I haven't even started to look through those posts from the other blogs that I occasionally dip into (~800 more posts).  You people are pretty prolific, but you don't notice it till you're away for a while.

On that note, I've made it to 100 followers!  Wow guys, I can't believe that there are 100 people out there who care enough about my odd posts to follow me.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to pop by here and see what I'm up to.  I hope I manage to keep things at least slightly interesting for you.  In celebration of this I plan to root around in my selection of "things I may never get around to" and put up something as a give-away to mark this occasion.

Finally, the local GW has been running a monthly painting competition since we got in a new manager.  Since its started, I've never really been around long enough (or not had to paint loads for BlogWars) to have the time to enter, but this month I'm taking the plunge.  Its the Harlequin Shadowseer that's chosen for this month, so at games night tonight I plan to pick up my first example of finecast, and get to work.  I'm going to chronical my attempt on here in the hopes I might get some encouragement and advice on how to improve it, and really push myself to try and give some Non Metallic Metal effects on it as it seems to be the de-rigeur painting effect of the moment.

Back soon with give-aways and painting posts.  Cheers - Andy

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