Thursday 9 June 2011

BlogWars Army Showcase

As you might expect, for a tournament of bloggers, BlogWars had some gorgeously painted armies, in fact I can only think of one that was the 3 colours minimum (and then only just about that, hey Ven ;).  Dalinair and FromTheFang have both posted their pictures, and I know Atreides had his SLR so will have great pics, but I thought I'd post up my pics for anyone who'd like to see them.

You can see a poor mosaic of my force up there on the left, and as I put up the other armies I have pics of (and sorry if I missed your army) I'll do my best to give a link to the appropriate blog.

These are Bully from SoS's fantastic Dark Angels, and his Belial won best painted Special Character (sorry the pic is a bit blurry). 

This is Ginge from Need More Tanks' absolutely fantastic Ork army.  I'll admit I didn't quite appreciate just how good they looked till I faced up to them in game 3.  There are some great features, like a Santa Claus Ork as an objective marker, and his snow basing and "splatter" onto the sides and tracks of the vehicles is the best I've ever seen.  Absolutely great work.

These are the Tau of Firewasp from Ignatum.  There were some lovely Forge World battle suits and a really nice coherent paintjob.  There was another Tau player as well with a very distinct turquoise and orange scheme which I seemed to have missed getting a photo of.  Notice the "tournament supplies" in the background, paracetamol and deodorant - classic!  Thankfully there didn't seem to be the need for any of that at BlogWars.

This is Karitas of Excommunicate Tratoris' Guard army and was absolutely stunning, it deservedly won Best Painted along with another gorgeous Guard army by GunGrave of A Guardsmans Guide To Glory that again I seem to have failed to get a picture of.  Particularly good in this army in my opinion was the objective markers which were all brilliantly put together and themed.  (EDIT: army identified, I'd even managed to mix up which army I didn't know!)

Here is Andy (AtreidesSons of Sanguinius) wonderfully converted Guard army.  There's so much conversion/scratch build in here you wouldn't believe.  I don't think a single vehicle is stock, the Valkyries are really cool, and if you look towards the front, he has two robots as weapon teams!  I got to play Andy the day before BlogWars at Warhammer World, and again in Game 2 (coming up).

I'll say it now, this is probably the army I was most interested to see.  Siph from the WeeMen blog was one of the first blogs that I ever started following, and I've seen this army grow from the very earliest stages.  To get to see it in the flesh was really cool, and it is a lovely looking force, with some subtle conversions/kit-bashing and a really nice theme and colour-scheme that I've always been a little jealous of.

Finally (from the pics that I have), is this lovely Nid army of The 6th Degree also of the WeeMen blog.  Note the pod and the really nice conversion of the Doom of Malantai in the centre.  I was a little gutted I didn't get to play against this army as it was also absolutely stunning.

So you can see just how nice the armies were, there were so many that I wished I could get to game against just for the spectacle of gaming against just lovely painted and themed armies.  For the next BlogWars, I hope that we either have more games in the tournament, or I'm a bit more organised in meeting up with everyone at Warhammer World either before or after so that I'll have a chance to play against all these armies.  Sorry to those I missed, it wasn't intentional, I just seemed to have a bit of a brain-fade about making sure I had pics of it all.

Cheers - Andy


  1. Thanks for your kind words Andy-bG. We'll have to meet up for a battle sometime as I missed out at BlogWars! Love to pit my grey death against your grey death!

  2. Deodorant and headache tablets, are essential to any T'au army when the fighting gets up close and personal. Do fish sweat?? :oP

  3. That guard army you have there is actually mine :)

    It's Tim's (Gungrave at Guardsman's guide to glory) with whom I shared the prize that you're missing :)

  4. @Siph: Definitely up for a meet-up sometime. The day before at WHW has got some ideas in my head for trying to organise a basic get-together of folk (no tournamnet, I'm definitely not trying to take away from BlogWars) as it was such a lot of fun, so we'll have to see if we can finally get some gaming in.

    @Firewasp: Perhaps battle-suits don't come with AC?

    @Karitas: sorry mate, was trying to figure the two armies out from blog pictures, but I've obviously put in my fail eyes this morning. I'll be making the correction right now.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for the kind words about my Orks... the snow effect was done by simply spreading some white paint on a pallet, taking some sponge offcuts from last time I resized a carry case model slot, dip in paint, dab a few times on pallet, dab on model. As it starts to run out repeat. By working your way outwards from where the snow was most likely to get it produced an excellent fading look to it :o)

    Was a good epic battle at the end and I have to say my most fun game of the day... Admittedly by that point I knew I was playing for mid-table at best so went hell for leather in true Orky fashion rather than playing it more tactically, but whatever the underlying cause I can't deny it was good fun :oP

  7. Hey Ginge, was definitely an epic battle, and I'm really glad you had fun too. Given that I only had about 6 models left on the table by the end it was exactly the kind of battle I like, brutal!



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