Monday 6 June 2011

BlogWars = awesome

I'm only just starting to catch myself up with what has been an absolutely brilliant weekend.  My first trip to Warhammer World, first visit to Maelstrom, first tournament, first tournament win and loss, first time on table 1 (ok, it was a chance drawing for round 1, but I'll  claim it counts ;), and best of all the first time I've met a whole load of bloggers I've followed for a number of years.  Hello everyone.

I want to say congratulations, and thanks, to Alex and all the lads from From the Fang for putting on a great and very fun tournament, and hello to everyone I met over the weekend.  Also, thanks to my opponents in all three games; Rich (Mighty Simo - Cupboard of Nurgle)Andy (Atreides - Sons of Sanguinius) and Ian (Ginge - Need More Tanks). You were all really great blokes, fun to play, the absolute best types of opponents and I'd happily game against you any time in the future.

I'll have a more detailed round-up of the weekend later.  Cheers - Andy


  1. Best game of the weekend was clearly the doubles on Saturday dude. That was epic lol. Me sat there with you pretending my psycannons were actually helping, when in fact it was just your GH's running rampant over the map!

    Tell me about catching up - I am still exhausted beyond belief, especially getting home quite late last night (traffic at 10pm? DAMN M1!)

  2. That was definitely a classic game, and I'm planning on getting it written up asap, preferably before the BlogWars stuff seeing as I played Andy again in game 2. I think he'd learned his lesson and hosed my GHs off the board.

    I saw those signs about the delays on the M1, thankfully for me I could jump off at the M69. Still didn't get back till 9:30 and I'm struggling to get anything written tonight.

    I'll try and get something up in a day or so though.

  3. Andy-bG, good to put face to name and great to see you. I thought it was a top class venue and day too. Next time I think team Weemen will also do a Warhammer World the day before! Well done on your high placing, better than any of us from Weemen anyway, lol.

  4. It was great to meet you too, and Warhammer World the day before is definitely worth it.
    Can't quite believe where I came myself, but there was quite a bit of luck involved, if my 2 wins had ended on turn 5 they would have been a draw and a loss so getting the full 7 turns was a big benefit to me, as I'm sure my opponents would agree.



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