Saturday, 5 March 2011

Necron scheme finalised - almost...

Hey all

So I've finally started to get the Necrons built and painted, I'm pretty much settled on a scheme and I've figured out a way to replace those silly green rods supplied by GW, so here's the finished result on a warrior:

My only slight issues is the green, do you think its the right colour, I've been imagining the possibility with a light blue instead of the green, I played around with photoshop and below is the result, what are peoples thoughts, the green above or the blue below?

I've also done up a destroyer to see how the scheme would work with them:


  1. The "gauss" effect is pretty cool. Its nice touch and kinda makes the models a little more unique.

  2. Cheers Larry, any thoughts on whether the green or blue effects look better?

  3. Id go for the green - it just says 'Evil' that little bit more!



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