Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fenrisian Wolves

Just a very short post to show off the Fenrisian Wolves I've made up based on the Chaos Warhound models.  Nothing too drastic here, a basic warhound without the horns, and some green-stuff to fill in the gaps, extend the fur onto the hind-quarters and make a tail for them.  Painting was a basic drybrush over the black basecoat to get them onto the table.

I've got a unit of 10 of them, sometimes I run them just as is or with one of the Cyberwolves I've made up to go with my Iron Priest to act as a screen or shock assault unit (3 Space Marine type attacks each on the charge, at I5 if you have Saga of the Wolfkin on one of your Lords can do some pretty serious damage), other times I split them up and assign them as ablative wounds to characters and Lone Wolves as needed.



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