Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Iron Priest and Mount

A while back I posted about a mechanical Thunderwolf mount I was converting from the old, metal juggernaught model I started.  This all began way before the plastic models were announced, but with the pace of my work its only just now that I can bring you a semi-completed model.
I've managed to get the mount a basic paint job, and even construct a basic Iron Priest to mount onto it - I need to finish the servo-arm, and seriously embellish the armour, but the basics are there enough to make it identifiable on the battlefield.  I've even had a chance to run it out a couple of times, and although it hits like a true sledge-hammer, it dies just as easily without any invulnerable save, and only a few wounds in the unit.

and here's the priest on the wolf:

From a boxset of direwolves, I've created 4 Cyberwolves to run with him, I've filled in the many gaps in the models, and sculpted fur onto a lot of the models, though I've left areas of the "skin" and bone to show, and painting them up in metallic and grey colours gives them a nice cyber-look.  Below you can see the whole unit together:


  1. You certainly de-khorn-ified that Jugger. It looks good. I bought myself some Chaos Warhounds to make wolves out of. I need to take some green stuff to em to wolf 'em out a bit more.

    Did you do any work on the paw of that front Dire Wolf in the last picture, or did you just paint it silver to make it a cyber wolf?

    Anyway, it looks great.

  2. Cheers for the comments.

    For the Dire wolf, I left select sections of the original model showing, areas of skin which I painted blue-grey to look like armour and bone/muscle which I painted metallic to look like bionic enhancements. The overall effect is pretty realistic (as realisitic as an 10 foot long cybernetically enhanced super-wolf can be of course).



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