Thursday 17 February 2011

New Space Wolves painting scheme

Hello blog-o-sphere-o-world-net type thing,

Despite my severe absence from here, I've actually managed to get quite a bit done in the last few months.  I had some days free at Christmas house sitting for the 'rentals and managed to paint up the whole Skaven section of the IoB boxset, I'm currently looking to swap the high elves if anyone out there has a set, I've assembled a large fraction of my first Necron boxset, and made plans on how the further conversions are going to go, and I've been experimenting with a painting method for my Space Wolves as I've just not been satisfied with the look of them so far.  I've even managed to get in a few games!

Anyway, onto the meat of the post, my new Space Wolves painting method.  I'm aiming to get close to the look on the front of the new Codex.  My previous scheme was dark, but once I'd started to highlight it up it ended up being too light.  The aim for this scheme is to get something with subtle highlighting, dark grey with a hint of blue to them, but keeping the necessary techniques relatively simple as I'm nowhere near a great painter and want something I can apply army wide.  I'm keeping my bone and red accents from the previous scheme as well.  So the new recipe is:

Fenris Grey base coat

"Down Brush" with 2:1:1 mix of shadow grey:bleached bone:water

"Down Brush" with 1:2:1 mix of shadow grey:bleached bone:water

The three colours for comparison

Wash carefully with equal parts watered down Devlan Mud (with drop of washing up liquid to reduce the surface tension and improve the flow)

As you can see, its quite a dark final colour, perhaps still a little blue but it does look more grey in real life (still not got the right colour balance settings on the camera) and a bit less blue, you can see in the image below the comparison of two models before and after the wash.

The "Down Brush" technique I refer to in the captions is to use the large drybrush with each highlight colour and using a dry brushing technique, only make downward motions from the top of the model which has the result of giving an approximation of a zenithal lighting technique without having to do all the blending.

So what do you all think of it, have I achieved the desired result, do you think it even looks any good?  I'll hopefully have a fully painted model for you soon so you can see the whole thing brought together.  I look forward to hearing your thought, cheers.

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