Friday, 27 August 2010

More Games Played - Game 2

Game 2 was against Necrons (with special house rules)

There have been a few Necron players coming out of the woodwork at the local FLGS and a people have been talking about putting together some house rules to make the army a little more competitive.  A few different combinations have been tried, for this game it was:
WBB as standard
Gauss becomes rending
Claws (Wraith and Flayed Ones) are rending in CC

The guy playing the Necrons was still pretty new to the game, his list was:
Lord with Res Orb
2 x 20 Necron Warriors
10 Flayed Ones
3 Wraiths
3 Destroyers
1 Heavy Destroyer

I ran pretty much my standard 1500pts list that can be found here.

We rolled up the Capture and Control mission, and a Spearhead deployment, Necrons going first.
The board had some scattered small bits of terrain, and a large hill in the centre preventing anything going straight down the middle.  He deployed all 40 Warriors across the corner of his board about as far back as they could get with the Lord in the middle.  His Heavy Destroyer and Wraiths were to the right of that (my perspective) and the Destroyers to the left (both obviously flanking) and the Flayed ones and Monolith were in reserve.
I deployed a Rhino with Rune Priest as far forward as possible, each facing towards opposite sides of the central hill to sweep round and go for the Warriors.  The Thunderwolves were behind the Rhino to the left, Lone Wolf and Fenrisian Wolves the Rhino to the left.  The Long Fangs were just behind all that in the open but hopefully in range of the Warriors.

Turn 1
Very little movement from most of the Necrons.  The Destroyers zip down my left side, lining up their shots on my Thunderwolves, in a pretty impressive display, they take a wound of one of the regular Thunderwoves and leave the storm-shield wielding guy on one wound.  The Heavy Destroyer shifts slightly on the left to get a decent shot at the Rhino on the right but doesn't penetrate.  The Wraiths phase through cover and plow straight into my Fenrisian Wolves, a few of the Wolves die and they manage to take out one of the Wraiths, they lose combat but amazingly hold in combat.
My turn and both the Rhinos power round the central hill heading towards the main Warrior groupings.  The Thunderwolves move towards the Destroyers hoping to get them in combat, but a poor run roll means they are stuck out of range.  The Long Fangs only have the Heavy Destroyer to shoot at so 5 krak missiles later its a smoking ruin.  My Lone Wolf, in search of glory joins the combat between the Wolves and the Wraiths, between the remaining Wolves and the Lone Wolf they manage to drag down all the Wraiths, only losing a couple more Wolves.  They all consolidate towards the main Warrior groupings.

Turn 2
Its reserves time, my opponent rolls and although his Monolith decides its still too early for harvest, the Flayed Ones are keen to collect more skins to use as clothing, they pop up behind my lines on the right.  There's little movement again from the Necrons with only the Destroyers moving to keep as far away from the Thunderwolves but keep them in line of sight, their shooting isn't quite as devastating this time round, but they do manage to kill off the wounded regular Thunderwolf.  The Warriors now have range on a lot of my army so I'm about to feel their wrath, my Lone Wolf goes down to weight of shots from one squad, and the other squad manages to immobilise the Rhino on my left thanks to their rending house rule.
The Grey Hunters in their Rhino jump out of their now immobilised Rhino and head towards the nearby Warriors, they aren't in range to charge, but eschew shooting to run that little bit closer.  The other squad of Grey Hunters also disembark as the Flayed Ones are a little too close to my lines for comfort and I want to get rid of them.  They charge into combat, pass their Ld test, and promptly manage to whiff most of their attacks against the 'Ones, and lose a couple of guys in return - they hold combat, but that wasn't quite how I'd imagined it to go!  The slightly depleted Thunderwolves manage to get a decent 5" run this turn bringing them into range of the Destroyers.  This combat goes much more to plan and once the dice settle there's nothing left of the Destroyers.

Turn 3
The Necons monolith still isn't ready to turn up so decides to sit out another round.  My right flank is pretty much tied up with the Grey Hunters in combat, so all the Necron shooting is targeting my left flank and the Thunderwolves.  One squad targets the Thunderwolves and takes another one down, while the Grey Hunter pack really feel the wrath losing three of their number, thankfully they manage to hold on.  The combat with the Flayed Ones isn't going how I'd hoped so I pop the Wolf-Standard on that squad in hopes it'll help me get through.  I take out a few Flayed Ones, and lose a couple of my squad, a drawn combat despite re-rolling 1's.  Not a good turn.
My turn and its starting to get to the decisive stage, if I can get those Warrior squads into combat the game should go my way.  I move up the left-hand Grey Hunter squad that is somewhat depleted, and they look to be in charge range.  They plough into the warrior squad and to avoid a repeat of the first round with the Flayed Ones, I pop the Wolf Standard straight away.  The Warriors don't really stand a chance, and even with the Lord nearby they lose combat quite significantly, fail their Ld test and are run down.  The Thunderwolves shift across the board heading towards the second Warrior squad, but can't quite make it into combat, they'll all have to handle another round of combat.  In the combat between the Flayed Ones and Grey Hunters I lose the combat by one again - that rending in combat is really good and I just can't get through that 3+ armour, I hold so it goes on.

Turn 4
The Monolith still doesn't want to make an appearance pretty much sealing the fate of the Necrons.  The Necrons shift a little out of the way, but can't get out of charge range of my Thunderwolves, and their shooting takes down another Thunderwolf.  I lose the combat with the Flayed Ones again but hold, and in my part of the turn, my Thunderwolves and Grey Hunters wipe out the second Warrior squad forcing the phase-out.

So, its a victory to the wolves, but against Necrons (even with house rules) and a relatively new player I'm not bragging.  I learnt that Flayed Ones with rending can be very effective in combat, even without the rending they held me up as an effective tarpit.  Always pop the Wolf Standard in the first round when you are rolling the most dice to turn up 1's.  Thunderwolves are murder once in combat, but they do go down to simple weight of fire.

My opponent was a great guy, with a very nice looking army, and I'm sorry I didn't get pics to show it off as it deserves recognition.  I hope I'll get another game against him and perhaps we can refine those house rules with time.

2 more games to come, and some painting progress.

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