Friday 27 August 2010

Squad highlights

Hey there, despite not much on this blog, I've actually been progressing quite well with painting my army, I just haven't had a chance to post much of it on here.  I finally managed to get some pictures taken of some of my progress so here it is.

I've managed to highlight all the models armour in one of my Grey Hunter squads:

I tried to produce a layered and somewhat blended highlight across all the armour plates.  I did this using the GW blue-grey colour, heavily watered down on a wet-palette, and applied between 2 and 3 layers to the armour plates blending each one.  The first image shows where I started (Fenris Grey foundation with a heavy Badab Black wash), and the second shows the result of the layered/blended highlighting.  This was successful for some of the models, less so for others but I think some of that was due to the paint drying somewhat even though it was on a wet-palette.
After that, I went on to apply a sharper edge highlight to a lot of the armour (even the lower edges) to make it "pop" a little more, this was done with a 3:1:1 mix of blue-grey, bleached bone, water.  I'm not too happy with this though, its more apparent in the images of individual figures, but I just didn't really get it right, and I don't like the look.  In future, I think I'll do a little less at this stage, and probably avoid edge highlighting the lower edges.

Anyway, here's some of the more detailed figures (left is only layered/blending, right is with the edge highlighting).  I still have the rest of the colours to highlight, but this is about the armour mostly.

The Rune Priest

The Wolf Guard Pack Leader

Mark of the Wulfen

Power weapon / Wolf Standard bearer

So what do you think?  How do they look to you?

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  1. I hate your MoW. Mainly because I want to make some, and I can't find the genestealers on ebay for a decent price.

    Other than that, FANTASTIC!



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