Thursday 5 August 2010

Grey Hunter Squads ready for the table

So its most of a year since the release of the Space Wolf codex and only now have I finally finished adapting my Grey Hunter squads to their new rules and setup - a pretty good example of how slow I am at working on stuff for this hobby.  Last night I got a chance to sit down and work on the models I showed in this post and now I've finally got them all up to tabletop standard.  I can finally field a full, WYSIWYG force from this list.

My Rune Priests - leading the force and attached to units of Grey Hunters.

The Wolf Guard Pack Leaders and their combi-meltas.

Grey Hunters that have succumbed to the Mark of the Wulfen.

The two squads all together.  Notice the guy on the right of each image with the banner - well these are my Wolf Standard markers and I've set them up to be removable, they just slot into the backpack with a pin so I can remove them once I've used the Standard meaning I won't accidentally use it twice on the same unit.

I'm hoping to be able to do a whole army shot a-la Drax very soon (although my figs are no where near finished like his).


  1. Where did you get the claws for your Wulfen?

    Your combimeltas look really good. I just got done doing a bunch for my WG.

    I like your Wolf Standards. I was going to try to do removable ones with magnates, but I think using pins will be a much easier option.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Looking good matey, I love the varying skin tones!


  3. @Student Teacher: The claws came from old 1st edition Space Hulk Genestealers, I did a post a little while ago detailing how I did it, add to that some of the arms are from the chaos marauder horsemen boxset. Similarly with the combi-meltas, there's a post on how to make them, I'm a little unsure about them as they are quite large to be held single handedly as they are. I'd definitely recommend the removable wolf-standards with pins as I used them in my last game and it was a good reminder as to whether I've used them or not - I just had to remember not to remove that guy during casualty allocation :D

    @Big Jim: Thanks mate, I'll admit that it wasn't entirely planned as I changed flesh paints from the painting the first parts of the squads, although the wulfen were deliberately done that way to make their skin look darker, more like the GW wulfen models from the Eye of Terror codex.



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