Tuesday 2 July 2013

213: Blog Wars 5 - Game 1

Game 1, Purge the Alien, Vanguard deployment

Matt Greenwood: Grey Knights with Eldar allies

Strike Squad
2 Dreadknights
2 Wraithguard units in Waveserpents


We both castled up our forces in opposite corners of the board. One thing I've been finding with this deployment type, coupled with the increase in foot troops, is it can be difficult to fit everything in even on a 6'x4' board. After setup, thanks to Imotekh I stole the initiative (I'd warned Matt of that ability before setup so he'd sensibly used what cover he could). 

First target was obviously the Wraithknight, and out of 9 S8/9 AP2 shots, I didn't cause Matt to take a single save, not one. Great start.

All that S9 and not a single armour save forced!

He jumped everything forward, and started working on my units, taking them out bit by bit. Perhaps it shouldn't have been surprising, but it was the Waveserpents that probably did the most damage to my units, those Serpent Shields coupled with Scatterlasers were amazingly effective.

That big and it can still find a cover save

I got a little lucky from time to time. A unit in an Ark managed to kill a healthy Dreadknight with a single round of shooting, quite a lot of 6's rolled I will admit.

Right of the Wraithknight, there used to be a Dreadknight
Go Warriors in an Ark

Imotekh wasn't that useful, his lightning did relatively little, although towards the end of the game, did kill off the last guy from a Wraithguard unit meaning I could fire the unit I was going to use against it on a Waveserpent (which I failed to do anything to).

The Eldar close in for the kill, not long now

In the entire game, didn't take a single wound off the Wraithknight, but I did ignore it quite a bit knowing I could do little to it.

Yep, that was my dice pretty much all day

It was pretty much done from turn 4 onwards, and as I said to Matt, I would be happy to concede, or we could play on to see if I could deny him the last couple of kill points.  Very much in the spirit of the competition, Matt was happy to keep on playing but it was ultimately academic as by the end of turn 6 he'd tabled me taking maximum KPs, and I'd only got the 2 (Dreadknight and unit of Wraithguard).

Last moments for Imotekh and co.

Despite very little going my way, I'd had a great game mostly thanks to Matt, who was brilliant, even helping me out with my rules as I was pretty rusty not having played Necrons in months. I just needed to remember preferred Enemy on my Destroyers (which I think I forgot all through the game despite repeatedly telling myself I must remember it) as I think I may have done a good bit more damage if I had.

I was officially in last place at this point, so it was wooden spoon territory for me.

Officially last - bosh!


  1. Really nice photos there, what camera are you using?

    Sounds like a tough game with some rough dice but we all know Matt's totally win at all costs and I think you paint far too nice a picture of him in this report. I bet he was baying for blood at the end of turn 4! (only joking Matt ... well at leat a little!)

    Looking forward to the rest of the reports.

    1. Cheers Andy, I was using a new camera I'd just got, a compact DSLRs from Panasonic, the GX-1, which meant I could play with aperture settings for very limited depths of field.

      It was a tough matchup, and Matt played it week too, I don't think there was much I could have done no matter what the dice were like. It was a fun game none the less, and Matt was fun, I hope he'll be at the next one and I'll be able to give him a bit more of a run.

      The next two reports should be up over the next week.



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