Monday 8 July 2013

215: Blog Wars 5 - Game 3

Game 3, Emperor's Will, Dawn of War deployment

Robert Gorst:  Space Wolves

Logan with 5 wolf guard in Terminator Armour all in a Crusader
2 Rune Priests, one with Jaws and Lightning, the other with rulebook powers (Prescience I think)
Wolf Priest
2 units of 10 Grey Hunters
6 Long Fangs with missile launchers

We set up objectives opposite corners, mine in the bottom right, his in the top left from my point of view.  I was mostly castled around my own objective, with the Immortals out on the other flank somewhat as bait, he spread evenly across his side of the board, with Logan and co. in Land Raider opposite my objective, and the vindicator central.  I stole the initiative thanks to Imotekh, and first order of business was to get rid of the Vindicator, which I was able to do with a number of glances from Warriors in a Barge.  

I also managed to tempt Logan and co out of their Raider with some Destroyers, which I kept at extreme charge distance.  What followed was 4 turns of me slowly whittling away at the two Grey Hunter squads and Long Fangs, with a turn 5 rush to get to my opponents objective, and what shots I could spare being fired into Logan and co. killing the odd wolf guard here and there.  

End of turn 5 found us both just off each others objectives, with me up by one point on secondaries (first blood and linebreaker vs linebreaker).  Of course that's where the game officially ended - typical luck, it never carries on when you want it to, but we decided to keep on playing and see where it took us.  Despite losing one of my Arks, and a couple of Barges to a good multi-charge, by the top of turn 6, weight of fire had tabled Rob, with a disgusting amount of shooting being needed to take down Logan and co.  

I insisted we kept the original result however as it only seemed fair to Rob, who was a great laugh and very enjoyable to play.

So that was it, I'd gone from table 14, to 15 and back to table 14.  With only one slight win on secondaries, and two pretty sizeable losses I ended up 3rd from last.   What had I learned, well I need to remember that Preferred Enemy for my Destroyers as it can be pretty important.  Also, despite the inclusion of the Destroyers, I'm still going to struggle against high toughness targets.  T8 on the Wraithknight is very high, unless you have some dedicated high strength weaponry you are going to struggle to hurt it.  Against the Orks, I needed to keep them at arms length, but with those trucks barrelling forward turn 1 that wasn't an option, perhaps I should have tried to ignore Gazghul and gone after the rest of the army, I just don't know what would have worked in that situation.  The last game went OK for me, but I should have committed to the objectives earlier to guarantee myself the game, waiting too long meant I controlled neither when I could have quite possibly had them both by turn 5, need to be a little more aggressive in future.  Despite the poor result, I had a very enjoyable day, and am already looking forward to Blog Wars 6, see you all there.


  1. Having shot Wolverine before, he does take a lot of shooting, doesn't he ?

    Three rounds of more or less everything in range and eventually it was the TL brightlances in the face a about 3" that did it.

    But it was alarming seeing him smash up two wraithlords.

    Nice to see he's as troublesome to other people as he was for me.

    1. Yep, he's definitely a threat, and coupled with a bunch of termies, takes an awful lot of shooting to take down, and you don't really want to let him make contact with anything.

      2+ is definitely the new black since 6th Ed, I'm learning just how much it takes to stop it when you have little AP2 - I can see why plasma is suddenly so popular.



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