Thursday, 4 July 2013

214: Blog Wars 5 - Game 2

Game 2, The scouring, Hammer and Anvil deployment
Daniel Lane:  Orks

Gazghul with 5 Nobs with all the trimmings in a Truck
10 Boys as standard in a Truck
Mekboy with KFF
2 units of 30 Boys
Looted-Wagon with Boomgun
2 units of 10 Lootas

Objectives were setup about as evenly as possible across the board, with 5 points in my deployment, 5 points around my opponents deployment, and 5 points in the middle.
Of course I couldn't steal the initiative against orks, and lost the roll to go first (only time in the weekend too), so was in trouble.  As expected, the two trucks were on my lines (despite deploying about as far back as I could) immediately.

Here they come...

I ignored the rest of his army.  My turn and I popped both trucks, and poured as much fire as I could into the contents, with as much focused on Gazghul and co. as possible.

We'll get you tin-men, just watch us

First time around I couldn't do too much damage as they were behind cover, but eventually I did managed to finish off his unit.

No more Immortals, but that's a lot of guns lined up
(not quite enough though, Gazghul remained
on a couple of wounds at the end of it all!)

The other group of Nobs contesting one of my objectives were still there whittling away at my large warrior unit in combat, but it'd taken 3 full turns of shooting so there was little else I could do with the game.

They slowly wore them down,
by the time it was finished there was little else to do though

I then focussed as much fire as I could on the unit of 30 boys holding the 4 point objective, but 1 round just wasn't enough to wipe them out.  Game ended after 5 turns, with me holding a single 3 point objective, my other objective contested, and the rest well and truly in the hands of the orks.

End game, flier is locked velocity, and with a few more turns
I may have been able to kill enough Orks, but it wasn't to be.

It had been another pretty one sided game, although I'd definitely dented Dan's force considerably, just not enough to make a difference.  If I'd been able to get first turn I think things might have been quite different as I'd have guaranteed Ghazgull and the rest of the orks were all walking giving me much more time to whittle them down, but then that's a "what if" and you've got to play the game you get.

Dan was a great laugh, and enjoyed watching Imotekh scurry out of the way of Gazghull as quickly as his little metal legs would carry him when that great brute came barrelling around the corner.


  1. Nice, all those 'cron barges and so on all look very dangerous. Impressed that the orcs did so well.

    1. They certainly look the part, problem is facing up to T5, 2 wound, 2+ armour, FNP Nobs in a large pack, it just takes so many shots to get anything through. Killed them in the end, but it'd taken too many turns to be able to much to the rest of his army, and if I hadn't, they'd have wreaked havoc with my army the moment they made contact.



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