Thursday, 27 June 2013

212: Blog Wars 5, the aftermath and painting competition

Well, Blog Wars 5 has been and gone, and I'm "happy" to report that I managed a credible 3rd (from last :D).  Yep, from 10th in the first Blog Wars, to mid table at Blog Wars 4, to 3 from the bottom, I'm on a roll and I'm sure that wooden spoon will be mine in November at Blog Wars 6.  No matter though, as it was a great day, I had 3 fantastic opponents, and 3 great games.  Blog Wars has also moved to a new venue, the North West Gaming Centre, a part of Marauder Gaming, and in my opinion this is a great move.  Its easier to get to, a nicer room, had better and much more varied terrain, a better discount on product for attendees, and really great staff who were a pleasure to talk to and obviously very passionate about what they do and building a community of gamers in their area.  I hope that in future we'll be staying at the same location for Blog Wars.

I'll be posting up battle reports later on, but for now I'd like to show you some of the awesomely modelled and painted armies that were present on the day.  It was fantastic to see so many well painted armies on the tabletop, and some brilliantly creative forces too.
(where I was able, I've added links to the appropriate blogs, if I've missed yours let me know and I'll get it added in)

Matt Greenwood's gorgeous Eldar and Grey Knight force.
I was "lucky" enough to play these in my first game,
and see them up close, fantastic.

My 'Crons, but I realised I don't actually have a picture of them all together

Henrik's gorgeously painted Dark Angels.
You can see some examples of the freehand below.

Chris (6thDegree) of Weemen.
Came 2nd in the painting competition and maybe deserved to win,
the army was absolutely gorgeous.

Jamie Jackson of Index Astartes.
I absolutely loved this army, not only is the idea great
(a squad from all the loyal legions of the Heresy, played as Vanilla Marines).
The painting was fabulous.  This is the army that got my vote.

Raven Guard scouts, of course.

Iron Hands bikers, and Dark Angels Tac squad.

Lysander and a squad of Salamanders Terminators

Iron Hands predator, with old school turret.
Just check the freehand on the Legion symbol.
You can also see a little of the NMM on Lysander.


  1. Very nice. You're right about the quality, they're all very good.

    Congratulations on your placing as well; there's nothing like consistency; and you are being consistent. ;)

    1. Cheers Zzzzzzz, I suppose getting further and further down the rankings is a sort of consistency. Was definitely a pleasure to play against well painted armies. Speaking of which, now you've popped your 6th Ed cherry, would you care for a game sometime?

  2. Thanks for the kind words pal - glad you liked the army. I'll be hanging up my space marine gloves for BW6 and defecting to Eldar I'm afraid - need a break from painting all that power armour. Hope to see you there.

    1. You are more than welcome, it was a gorgeous army, and wonderfully executed idea. I may steal it in the future if you don't mind, I'm currently reading the Dornian Heresy and that coupled with seeing your army has ideas fizzing around in my brain for a themed Chaos force.
      Defecting to Eldar, disgraceful. :D



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