Thursday 8 November 2012

One Force commander

I'm a little late with this post as I'm currently away with work, but have managed to get some time to finish things off and get this uploaded.

I'm currently in the finishing stages of painting the commander for One Force so that I can start taking them as an allied detachment (using C:BA) in games.  It's going to be fantastic to start getting these guys onto the tabletop.

The model is the very excellent Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld.  I just love this model and couldn't resist him the last time I was at WHW.  I've tried to paint him close to the existing theme, but using as many of the techniques form the rest of the models as well (for instance the grey's of the decoration and weapons).  I've kept him with black armour though as I think it looks really good, it harks to the potential origins of One Force as a Raven Guard successor chapter that favours lightning strikes, but I've chosen to highlight the black with green tones rather than the usual greys, which will hopefully tie him back into the overall force.

I just have some detailing left to do, and I'd like to at least include a One Force chevron somewhere on the model.  I'll also have to apply battle damage and weathering before he is finally complete, but that doesn't take me too long these days thankfully.

Check my twitter (its in the box on the right) to see what I'm currently working on as I'll be posting WIPs there again.  Comments appreciated.

Cheers - Andy

Edit:  +2 painting points!


  1. Looks really cool as always mate.. the FW models just beg to have some attention lavished on them and this looks nice man, keep it up!

    Will the One Force be in attendance at Blog Wars this year?

    1. Cheers, they'll definitely be making an appearance, although probably only as an allied detachment as there's not quite enough there to make a full force yet.



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