Friday, 23 November 2012

On the painting desk (22/11)

I don't have a major update on things today, I'm too busy getting things prepared for Blog Wars 4.  GO LOOK HERE for my plans for the tournament, list and if you want a list/gaming the following day.

It turns out that my Necron army wasn't quite as finished as I seem to remember it being, in fact almost every model needs work to get it to a finished standard ready for the tournament.  YIKES!  I've got a lot on my hands, so I'm trying to fit in every minute of painting I can to get things done.  You can see my paint-station below and all that's on there isn't even everything that I need to do to get ready.

The problem is, I just want to be painting these guys you can see in the background...

Those MkIV marines are just so good looking, and I'm loving my new marines so much at the moment as a project as a whole.  That also reminds me I owe completed pictures of the MkII marines with full battle damage and weathering applied.  I'll see if I can get them photographed with a decent camera next week before the tournament.

Cheers, Andy.


  1. Stop typing and get painting! Ha. Lord Halfpenny has loads of Daemons to paint for BW4, so you are not alone. I won't be attending but the other two Weemen will, so they'll see you there.

    1. Got an hour or two in yesterday evening which put a decent dent into what I had to get through. Its DIY weekend though so I doubt I'll make much more progress this weekend.

      Shame you can't make it, but I'll just have to make sure I'm at BW5 instead.



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