Thursday 15 November 2012

Blog Wars 4, Lifts to Mansfield, and Sunday at Warhammer World

I'm going to Blog Wars 4, are you?  Seriously, I made it to the first and have missed the last two due to other commitments so I'm really excited to be heading back to Blog Wars for my second time.  Alex, From the Fang, runs a fantastic tournament, it'll be full 6th Edition, and you have to take a Special Character in your force.  Its a relaxed tournament (although there are those that take it seriously, looking at you Ven ;) and a whole heap of fun.

I'll be driving up on the Friday, and returning on the Sunday, I'll be hiring a car so if anyone around the Oxford/London/West Midlands area needs a lift they should let me know as I'd be happy to car share for the weekend.

I'd also like to see if anyone is interested in a day at Warhammer World on the Sunday, if there's interest then I'll book us some tables to use the good ones with designed scenery, I'll even try and come up with some scenarios based on the armies if people want.  You can check the tables available at WHW here.

Whereas last time I took the Wolves and was running a relatively effective list (I finished 8th for my sins in my first tournament), this time around I'm basing my list purely on what I have available, and allows me to take One Force as an allied detachment.  The list is below, it should be right as it was built in Battlescribe, but I've been augmenting the datafiles to include rules so if you spot a mistake let me know.

Blog Wars 4 (Iron Legions)   1847 pts

Necrons (Primary Detachment)   1242 pts

  • Trazyn the Infinite
    • Harbinger of Despair, Veil of Darkness
    • Harbinger of Destruction
    • Harbinger of Destruction
    • Harbinger of Destruction
  • 10 Necron Immortals   Gauss Blasters
  • 10 Necron Warriors   Gauss Flayers
  • 10 Necron Warriors   Gauss Flayers
  •   9 Necron Warriors   Gauss Flayers
    • Ghost Ark
  •   5 Canoptek Scarabs
  •   5 Canoptek Scarabs
  • Annihilation Barge

One Force (Blood Angels, Allied Detachment)   605 pts

  • Commander Dante
  • Assault Squad   4x Assault Marines, Plasma Gun
    • Veteran Sergeant, Lightning Claw, Storm Shield, Meltabombs
  • Terminator Assault Squad   Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Blog Wars will make my 5th, 6th and 7th games of 6th edition, and the first time I've played this list and any of the units from One Force so I'm going to be terribly rusty, not very up to speed with the rules, and will make mistakes in all likelihood.  I want to apologise in advance to all my opponents if I do anything wrong or stupid, I promise I'm not trying to cheat, I just don't get much if any chance to game at the moment thanks to work/life etc.  If you see me doing things wrong, feel free to point it out time and again, and I hope you won't mind me asking a lot of questions as we go.

Looking forward to hearing from any of you guys going to Blog Wars, and to meeting you all up there.

Cheers - Andy


  1. It's not true!!! I don't it seriously! I'm just good! lol..
    Right, defo can't win it this time! Kroot only Tau army? Grot horde?

    Army looks interesting Andy.. why Dante? Or am I being really blind to something?

    1. No real reason for Dante other than its Blog Wars and he's a special character. The alternate was a captain with jump pack and Thunder Hammer (I'll be using the Korvydae model to represent (innit)) but I thought as the force is just thrown together I'd see if I could squeeze him in.

      I defo think you should run an all Kroot army with Grot allies, give yourself a little challenge :D

      Any of the rest of the Sons coming up? You going to be hanging around on the Sunday?

    2. Fair enough dude. Saw the Korv model on the blog last week (or whenever) looked cool man..
      Well, maybe if I owned such an army I would run it..funny that, not owning it!?! :) to Andy/Atreides, Bully/Damien (who has essentially quit)...I am chasing up Bradimus Prime for a late entry, but our buddy Steve will be up and another couple of Cambridge gamers are a possibly coming..
      So 2 Sons stalwarts..but a big element missing with Atreides not making it.. :(

      Oh, and not around Sunday, sorry pal.. saw the call for gamers on Sunday, but the wife'd kill me if I suddenly told her I was away ALL weekend! lol

    3. Shame about Andy, was it something getting in the way or is he not feeling the 40K love these days either? Haven't seen him post up much on the blog recently so not really sure. I was hoping he might have got his Grey Knights sorted as they were looking really good at his last update and I'd bet they would look awesome on the table.

      Shame about the Sunday, I guess being just married you can't get the full weekend pass yet... give it time though :)



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