Thursday 29 November 2012

4 years old yesterday

Iron Legion is 4!

I can't quite believe that its been that long since I started blogging about my modelling and painting.  It also means its been a little over 4 years since I returned to the Games Workshop hobby.  Its probably the sole plus to the time I spent living and working in Northern Finland.

In those 4 years I've managed to publish 184 posts, produce a Space Wolf, Necron and Skaven army, and I've also got parts of a Guard and second Marine force in the works.  The blog has had over 36,500 views and is currently getting over 1000 views a month.  All things considered, I'm really pretty pleased with that.

As this posts, I should be extremely busy painting the last few models for Blog Wars 4 (picture to the right is a clicky-link) which is this weekend.  Can't wait to get there and game with a whole swathe of UK bloggers, the first event was a brilliant day and I'm sure this one will be just as good if not better.  I'll be taking a bucket load of pictures, and will try and post reports from each of the games which should keep the blog going till well after Christmas.

If you are going, looking forward to seeing you there.
If you aren't going, keep checking back for the after-action reports, and I'll even try and post stuff up on the Twitters which you can see on the right (#bwars4).

Cheers, Andy


  1. Happy Birthday dude! Great work.. 4 years flies by hey?! Awesome blog and long may it continue!
    Cacth you Saturday for more BW4 action..

  2. Many hearty congratulations, Andy - bG!

    I always enjoy the 40K content on this blog and I look forward to more in the future...

    1. Thanks Drax, I'll try and live up to expectations :D



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