Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tac Squad 1 - painting progress

FIRST UP.  I'll be at Warhammer World on Friday, from around lunchtime till 3pm.  If anyone is around and can make it, it would be fantastic to meet some of the fellow bloggers (as yet again I can't go to BlogWars as for the third time in a row its on a weekend I'm already booked for).  I'm also hoping to add some new units to my growing One Force what with Forgeworld on tap in the shop there.

I've also progressed with painting the first Tacical/Assault squad.  They are fully base coated, mounted onto bases from Anvil Industries, and I'm starting to block in the greys.  You can see them in both formats below.

Setup as an Assault squad above, and below as a Tactical squad.  Internet points for those that can spot all the changes going from Assault format to Tactical :)

C&C very welcome.  Cheers - Andy


  1. Sorry about Blog Wars mate. I'll try and get the dates up for Blog Wars 5 & 6 soon. Hopefully you can make one of them, be good to see you again. I'm always up for a game if you fancy it.

    1. I'm just so gutted I can't make it again, the first event was such a good day I've been hoping each time it comes around to attend again but it just seems to never work out for me. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for 5&6 to try and keep the dates free.
      Can you make it to WW on Friday? I know its a weekday and all that. If not, I'll have to try and make a trip up there one weekend and catch a game with you then.

  2. You'll have to give me a bell if you are down south or SW at any time mate. (and i'm in the country) we will miss you at BW again! Weemen.

    1. Definitely, although I don't get to travel as much as I'd like these days, difficult to find a free weekend. Might just have to make a special effort for it sometime soon. Shame you won't be able to make BW, I guess the change of date hasn't worked for you?



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