Friday 27 July 2012

Tac Squad painting update

Starting to get there with these guys, finished building almost all the parts for the first squad (Mk II armour).  So far I have 10 figures, all bodies built, 10 regular and 10 jump backpacks, and some parts to make a couple of commander variants.

I'm starting to get the basecoat applied too, once that's done they'll be going onto bases and then the proper painting will begin.  In this squad, there's one meltagunner, and 2 magnetised bodies on which I can pick and choose weaponry to allow me to use them either as a regular Tac Squad with a heavy weapon and commander, or as either an Assault Squad or even perhaps Grey Hunters.  I'm really trying to aim for as much flexibility in these squads as possible.

I've even made a start on the next squad as you can see in the picture below, but I'm going to put these guys on hold while I get the first squad painted as I'd like to maybe start fielding these as an allied detachment along with the Terminators.  In future squads I'm going to leave 4 bodies magentised so that I've got even more flexibility in how I arm them.

Well, that's where I'm at so far.  C&C welcome.  Cheers - Andy


  1. These guys are going to look cool when they're painted, MkII is pretty cool. Are you going to incorporate some "old pattern" bolters in there?

    1. Cheers Mik. They are looking really cool, and I'm totally falling in love with the MkII suits.
      I'm using the bolters from Anvil Industries, they kind of fall somewhere between modern types, and the older styles. I may pick up a pack of the Umbra types for characters and special conversions.



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