Thursday, 5 July 2012

Verminous Tide - more Clanrats

Its been a while since I posted anything for my Skaven, mostly because I haven't done too much for them.  I have played my first ever Warhammer game, a loss against the new Empire, but the glaring hole in my army was the lack of numbers.  So, I've painted up my second IoB set of clanrats as you can see here, and also purchased nearly 50 more clanrats to bolster the numbers.  They are all in bits at the moment though, so they'll be a while coming.

I managed to paint all 38 of these guys in one marathon 6 hours session on a free weekend I had, from undercoat to final wash dried all in that one session.  My back certainly didn't thank me for that.  I'll probably try and space out painting the other 50 a little more, and I'm probably going to make most of that 50 into unit fillers to make life a bit easier when it comes to ranking up the units.

Edit:  another 38 painting points to add to my tally.

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