Thursday, 9 August 2012

One Force commander

Here he is, on my way North last week I was able to stop off at Warhammer World and pick this guy up along with one other nice addition to my force (more on that later).  He'll be the commander of my force, initially I'll be using him as Korvydae from IA8, but as with pretty much everything in this force, he's magnetised so I can always switch out his weapons and use him as a regular commander, or even other things.

Something else I liked is that a lot of the purity seals are actually separate for you to attach, which means I don't have to spend ages trying to remove them all.  There's a couple I think I'll leave on there, but generally I don't like them and wish that GW would make them all optional.  This chap is going to be my "reward" for when I've finished painting the first squad of marines, which I may get some time with in the coming days (we've been re-decorating and it means that we have the entire flats furniture in the living room which makes hobby next to impossible).

In vaguely related news, BlogWars4 is moving, not entirely sure when to (probably early November), but for me this is brilliant as it should mean I can actually make it, and I may even be able to field these guys as a force depending on how well I get through painting them.  They'll at least make an appearance as an allied detachment if I can't rustle up the full 1850 points of them for November.

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