Friday 4 May 2012

Salute 2: Micro Art Studios

One of the stalls I had in my list of to-do's was Micro Art Studios as I think they turn out some spectacular stuff, especially their Discworld range of miniatures.  I wasn't disappointed and I know for sure that soon I'll be picking up some of these guys just for the joy of painting them.  They are just so characterful, and really capture both the cover-art of many of the Pratchett books, as well as scenes from throughout the books.


The Wizards

The Guards



The rest

You've got to agree they are brilliant, and my pictures definitely don't do them justice.  If you are ever at a con where Micro Art Studio are presenting, definitely go along and have a look at them.

More coming soon.  Cheers - Andy


  1. Some very nice minis there, thanks for sharing

  2. Cheers - they really are even better in the flesh, my photos don't do them justice.



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