Thursday 17 May 2012

One Force terminator painting

I've managed to get the first of my terminators up to the highlighting stage, which leaves markings, battle damage and weathering to do.  They are looking pretty nice so far, I've only got highlighting left to do on the other 4 to get them to the same level.  I've included a picture front and back below to show what it is looking like  (sorry, the pics are from my phone so not that good).

I think I need to add another level of highlight to the helmet to help it pop, but I'll be doing that once I've done the markings on his shoulder as I can do it all at the same time.

I made a not very successful attempt to try and blend the highlight on the top of his grieves as a simple line highlight just didn't look that good.  Its not that good, I'm going to have to practice it somewhat.

I couldn't get the blending to work on the top surface of armour which I really wish I could have as I think it would have looked good on there.  More practice needed.  I'm going to have to start considering  basing pretty soon - I still like the idea from Atreides to go with something light to offset the darker armour look, but I'm open to suggestions.

For comparison, I've put the terminator I was painting with the older paints next to the new one.  My methods are different, and the older one wasn't highlighted, and the lighting conditions are different, but overall I'm preferring the new colour-scheme massively over the old one, and its easier to paint to boot!

More coming up soon hopefully.  Cheers - Andy


  1. What is the color you have for the helmet? I'm liking the colors. Can't wait for you to get this guy fully done.

    1. Its one of the new colours, Tallarn Sand (see here: for the paint-scheme) with a wash of brown shade (Agrax whatsits) and then a layer of the original colour. Needs a second highlight, but works quite nicely. I'll be trying to get them done early next week so hopefully in next weeks post.



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